Interview with Magomed Kurbanov

A bout Kurbanov vs Stapulionis will be an important part of the fight card of a big show, which is organized by RCC Boxing Promotions (Titov Boxing Promotions) with the support of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeniy Kuyvashev. 
Magomed Kurbanov gave an exclusive interview and told about preparations for the forthcoming bout, shared his views concerning his rival. He also told about his boxing manner on the ring, peculiarities of the character of the Caucasians and his plans for the future. 
- How is everything going with preparations for the bout, which will take place on May, 5? 
- Thanks to my team, BLACK LION TEAM, preparations are going very well. 
- What do you know about your rival? Have you managed to watch his fights? If yes, how would you characterize your rival? 
- I have watched about two fights – the rival is strong enough, physically fit, but I will find the way to victory. 
- You had 5 bouts in 2016. This is the first bout for you in 2017. How does this pause influence you? 
- I had to have 5 bouts last year in order to prove that I’m a high-level boxer and I think that I’ve managed to do it. 
- How many bouts would you like to have during one year? 
- I would like to have three bouts during one year, but it also depends on the circumstances. 
- Have you been upset about the fact that you won’t have the fight with Shane Mosley on May, 5 and the bout is postponed to September, 2017? 
- I don’t think I will be upset if there is no bout at all. I’m a young boxer and I want to prove a lot of things during the bout. Of course, I would like to fight with the boxing legend. I want to become a better boxer and I will fight with the best super welterweight boxers. 
- Do you think that it’s for the better that the bout is postponed to September, 2017? 
- If Shane Mosley has decided to take more time for preparations for the bout, I won’t sit still – I am going to have a fully-fledged training program. 
- Saúl Álvarez, famous Mexican, has a reputation for the ability to put on up to 10 kilograms on the day of a bout after he was weighted the day before. How many kilograms do you usually put on on the day of a bout? 
- I am not going to tell you how many kilograms I usually put on. It doesn’t matter how many kilograms boxers put on. Álvarez fought with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Saúl weighted 10 kilograms more, but it didn’t help him. I think that kilograms aren’t important – a psychological and physical state is of high importance. 
- Taking into account your Caucasian roots, sometimes it seems that you fight pragmatically and cold-bloodedly and you lack passion on the ring. How would you comment on it? Is there any contradictions? 
- Yes, I’m from the Republic of Dagestan. Almost 65% of men are known for their quick temper, but I got into boxing to achieve a lot. A boxer should be cool and confident and not fall victim for provocation. I go to the ring and do what I most know how to do, I like winning, I like winning with confidence. 
Tickets for the tournament which will take place on May,5 in Yekaterinburg are available on the following web-sites: kassir.ru, and uralbilet.ru

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