Mikhail Alexeev: I like to be Champion in life and in sport! 

As we announced earlier promising and non-defeated Russian lightweight (up to 59 kg) boxer Mikhail Alexeev (9-0, 4 KO) will conduct his next bout on May,5 in Yekaterinburg. The rival of the 21-year-old Russian boxer in an 8-round bout for the WBO Youth world title will be Salvador Briseno (8-1, 3 KO) from Mexico. 
The fight Alexeev vs Briseno will be an important part of the fight-card of a big show organized by a promotion company RCC Boxing Promotions (Titov Boxing Promotions) with the support of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeniy Kuyvashev. 
In exclusive interview Mikhail Alexeev told about his preparation for the next bout, shared his opinion about the rival and also spoke on the most difficult fight of last year. 
How is your preparation for the bout on May,5 going? 
It’s going on in an excellent way! Thanks God, without any injuries. Now the third cycle of sparring is proceeding and my least favorite – cutting phase. Then there will be the bout itself. 
What do you know about your rival and did you manage to watch some videos with his bouts? 
I haven’t watched my rival’s fights – it’s difficult to find them, and what to do it for? I am ready and will improvise on May,5! 
Briseno is a Mexican boxer and these boxers are famous for their aggressiveness. Are you ready for the war on the ring or will you box more? 
Let’s say this – I’m ready for everything that will be on the ring. Undoubtedly I will win this fight. I’m also aggressive and my former rivals - Filipinos are the same as Mexicans so I’m 100% ready. The main question is whether he is ready? 
Which your fight of last year was the most difficult and in which one you were completely pleased with yourself? 
I think the last year fight with Romero Duno from the Philippines was difficult. And in the previous bout against Mirzhan Zhaksylykov from Kazakhstan I was on the floor of the ring twice but managed to break the course of the bout. I showed the real me. I think that day spectators also saw the real me. In this case I’m pleased with myself but it’s not everything that I can do! 
What do you think - did you change greatly during last year as a boxer? Do you feel that your level has risen? 
I don’t like to speak about my level whether it’s risen or not. My bouts show it. I can say that I am developing as a boxer as well as a person and my fans and supporters tell you about the level. 
If we are talking about psychology of the winner – did you have it from the very beginning or it appeared in the course of time? 
I like to be Champion in life and in sport! Such a psychology I got when I conducted my first bout! 
What do you think, when you will be ready for fight for the world title? 
I can’t say when I will be ready, my fights show it. I am on my way to it and in the nearest future I will have this title. 
Are you satisfied with your weight category and do you plan to gain weight? 
I am satisfied with my weight. I am used to cutting weight since amateur. Certainly I will not stop and change the category. I am 21 and have still all ahead. Thanks to everyone who supports me. Dear fans, don’t stop believing in me, watch and follow, I need you. 
Tickets for the tournament which will take place on May,5 are available on the following web-sites kassir.ru https://ekb.kassir.ruKassy.ru http://ekb.kassy.ru и uralbilet.ru https://www.uralbilet.ru.

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