Boxers are preparing for shooting in a patriotic video

RCC Boxing Promotions boxers are preparing for a tournament “Victory Day 72”, which will take place on May, 5 at the Palace of Sports. On Saturday they did something unusual – in addition to daily trainings, boxers started learning the speech craft. The participants of the tournament ape preparing for the shooting in a video, which will be shown on May, 5 at the Palace of Sports. The plot hasn’t been revealed yet, but we know that some sportsmen will read military-patriotic rhymes. Boxers had the first class – they honed reading technique and worked on their articulation with a rhetor at a training center. 
“For me it is the first experience of working on the reading technique and my articulation and it was very interesting and useful”, - says Evgeny Chuprakov, WBO Inter-Continental champion. “To be honest, it’s very important and useful lifelong skill for all people and, of course, for boxers as well. Many of us work with coaches at gyms and one of the most important skills of a coach is to convey tasks to boxers clearly. That’s why all knowledge, which we will get during these lessons, will be useful not only during the shooting but also during the whole life”. 
Before the tournament at the Palace of Sports boxers are going to get 3 or 4 lessons and appear in the video. On May, 5, during the boxing tournament, “Victory Day 72”, we will see what it would be like.

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