More popularity: boxers of RCC Boxing Promotions conducted a public training at BC Summit

The day before, on April,13 boxers of RCC Boxing Promotions conducted a public training at one of business centers in Yekaterinburg. A lot of admirers of this kind of single combat gathered at the social event which was visited by more than 200 people. That evening three boxers were demonstrating their training and skills – Magomed Kurbanov, Mikhail Alexeev and Shavkat Rakhimov. They fight at middleweight and lightweight. They have several international titles and all of them have no defeats on the professional ring. “The training was good. Once again the guys showed that they are in a good shape. Though not everything is perfect but we have time to correct some aspects – said Nikolay Popov, coach at RCC Boxing. – We showed some simple but beautiful techniques – punches from the bottom, movement on the feet. We’ll not open the main trumps now, let’s leave them till the show in May.” 
We remind that on May,5 in DIVS (Palace of Sports) RCC Boxing Promotions will conduct a boxing tournament “Victory Day 72” dedicated to the next anniversary of the victory over fascist Germany. This evening boxer with world names will appear on the ring. They have to fight for different international titles. For example, there will be a bout of former IBF Champion Evgeniy Gradovich with Hugo Berrio from Colombia for the WBA Inter-Continental title. One more successful boxer Evgeniy Chuprakov will defend his WBO Inter-Continental title in a bout with Eden Sonsona from the Philippines, who in the worldwide boxing list is much higher than Chuprakov. Young and perspective Mikhail Alexeev will fight with Salvador Briseno from Mexico who has a very similar fighting style. This evening on May,5 there will also take place MMA fights - famous Russian heavyweight boxer Ivan Shtyrkov will fight with Philip De Fries from Great Britain – very serious rival who has won professional bouts12 times, 11 of them he finished ahead of time.

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