«The merge of two giants: Titov Boxing Promotions and Russian Copper Company will create a powerful world promotion»

There are important news for all fans of boxing in Russia: in the nearest future the power of the strongest Russian promotion and large metallurgical concern will be accumulated on the border of Europe and Asia. Titov Boxing Promotions and Russian Copper Company have merged and by doing this have created the biggest common project.

The new company, which organizes boxing fights, after the merge will be named RCC Boxing Promotions, announced the General Director of the already created company German Titov. According to Mr.Titov, new promotion will be the continuation of Titov Boxing Promotion, which has 18 years of successful work experience and has organized more than 200 professional boxing and MMA tournaments.

This merge will strengthen our positions, - says the General Director of RCC Boxing Promotions German Titov, - our experience in boxing field and financial capabilities of Russian Copper Company allow us to say that in the nearest 1-1,5 years we will become the leading promotion company in the world.

Russian Copper Company and Titov Boxing Promotions started their collaboration several years ago and for today this partnership proved to be successful. Tribunes are always full on the tournaments held in Ural region. First of all, it shows the interest of the public in boxing and, secondly, the competent work of promoters, without which it would be impossible to achieve such a success.

Titov Boxing Promotions company was founded in 1998. Enthusiastic about his work, a former boxer and already a coach in late 90’s, German Titov was hit on the idea to create a company which would hold boxing tournaments. This service turn out to be in demand on the market at that time and eventually Titov Boxing Promotions had become the leading promotion company in Russia.

Under the egis of Titov Boxing Promotions famous boxers as Grigory Drozd, Ruslan Provodnikov and Dmitry Pirog made their first steps in professional career. Since 2004 tournaments held by German Titov’s company are broadcasted on the 1st Channel.

In 2006 Titov Boxing Promotions started to establish partnerships with the biggest promotion companies in Europe (Arena Box-Promotions, Saurlent Event) and in USA (Banner Promotions INS, Top Rank, Golden Boy Promotions). These partnerships exist at present.

For four years in a row from 2005 to 2008 Titov Boxing Promotions was recognized as the best promotion company in Russia. Also during several years Ural promotion group was beyond competition on the territory of Asia and Asia-Pacific regions according to WBO, WBA and WBC.

In November, 2009 the first tournament was held in the USA, in Emerald Queen Casino, Tacoma, Washington, in which 4 Russian boxers participated. And in July, 2010 in collaboration with 2 big promotion companies from USA the bout for a World Champion title was organized where Dmitry Pirog participated. The bout took place in Las-Vegas (MGN Grand), USA and was broadcasted by the biggest American TV channel HBO.

In March, 2013 Titov Boxing Promotions was involved in the organization of a grand event. In California, boxer of the Ural promotion company, Ruslan Provodnikov (‘Siberian Rocky’) participated in the main bout of the evening for the World Champion WBO title against American superstar of world boxing Timothy Bradley. Ruslan showed such a spirit in this fight, that notwithstanding the defeat, he was given the opportunity to challenge the World Champion WBO title in the weight up to 63,5 kg in the bout with Mike Alvarado (USA). The bout ended with the unconditional victory of Ruslan Provodnikov in the 8th round.

In August, 2013 a partnership contract with the Direction of the broadcast company the 1st Channel was sighed. To this day, a lot of TV broadcasts of top-level fights with the participation of our world stars Sergey Kovalev, Ruslan Provodnkov and Gennady Golovkin were realized.

Also it is worth mentioning that due to Titov Boxing Promotions a unique on the former Soviet Union territory television channel ‘Box TV’ is successfully operating since February, 2014.

In 15 years Titov Boxing Promotions has become the leading company in Russia in the field of world-level boxing tournament organization in Russia and abroad. The company also has to its credit a successful work with central broadcast companies. So far Titov Boxing Promotions has signed contracts with the best Russian and foreign professional boxers, also the company successfully collaborates with the leading foreign promotions and organize bouts for champion titles.

The rich history of Titov Boxing Promotions now will be continued by a new, even more powerful in financial terms company RCC Boxing Promotions, which in the nearest future shall take the leading positions in the world.

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