Chuprakov: If a person wants to become a champion, he should believe in himself and work hard

As we announced, Evgeny Chuprakov (17-0, 9 KO), promising and non-defeated Russian boxer (up to 59 kg), will conduct his next bout on May, 5 in Yekaterinburg. The rival of the 27-year-old Russian in the 12-round fight for the WBO Inter-Continental title will be 28-year-old Eden Sonsona (36-6-2, 13 KO) from the Philippines. 
The bout Chuprakov vs Sonsona will be an important part of the fight card of a big show, which is organized by RCC Boxing Promotions (Titov Boxing Promotions) with the support of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeniy Kuyvashev. 
Evgeny Chuprakov gave an exclusive interview and told about preparations for the forthcoming bout, shared his views concerning his rival. He also told about the winning mindset and the way he has changed as a boxer after the first title bout. 
- Tell about your preparations for the bout, which will take place on May, 5. 
- Preparations are going well. I devote much time to sparrings and train with the help of punch mitts. 
- What do you know about your rival? Have you watched his fights? If yes, how would you characterize Eden Sonsona? 
- I guess I have watched about two fights. The rival is serious – he is the best among Filipinos. He’s left-handed, so I’m preparing for it and all my sparring partners are also left-handed. Eden is a puncher, so I will have to be more attentive and careful. 
- Do you think the difference in weight will affect the bout? Your rival was a flyweight boxer at the beginning of his career but you are a featherweight boxer by nature. 
- Frankly speaking, he has already had several fights at featherweight, so I don’t think it will affect the bout. He had flyweight fights but now has boxed at featherweight. That’s why I don’t think the weight will affect the bout. 
- Sonsona has won non-defeated boxers – wouldn’t it affect your spirit? 
- I understand that the rival is very strong, and I’m preparing for the tough bout. It will be difficult to surprise me. I prepare thoroughly for fights with all rivals. I have already fought with non-defeated boxers. So it’s no surprise for me. 
- Your first title bout took place in September, 2015.Now you are going to have the fifth championship fight. Do you think you’ve changed? Do you feel the progress? 
- I guess, yes. I have obtained some experience. But I don’t know whether I have risen in boxing or not – it’s up to the audience. The fifth championship fight is, of course, a proven experience for me. And I think I’ve changed, but whether into better or worse – it’s up to my fans. 
- Have you acquired the winning mindset? Or is every fight a lottery for you? 
- To be honest, if I think about Magomed Kurbanov or Mikhail Alexeev, I envy them. I see that they appear on the ring as winners. For me it’s a little bit different, maybe because of the way I was brought up. I feel anxious every time when I appear on the ring, and aim for the win. So, I can say that it’s a lottery. 
- Imagine… you win and come close to a world title fight. Is it an additional motivation or an additional pressure before the forthcoming fight, which will be held on May, 5? 
- I never make plans that far ahead. Now I’m preparing only for the forthcoming fight very thoroughly. 
- Tell us about your daily routine. How should a person organize his day to become a real boxer and sportsman? 
- First of all, I should say that in order to become a real boxer or champion, it’s necessary to have faith in yourself, work hard, train a lot, have courage, overcome fears – that’s all! 
I get up very early, at 4 or 5 a.m. without setting an alarm-clock, then train cross or train with my coach. I always have light protein breakfast and freshly brewed coffee before going to the morning training. Now I have a cutting phase and I have already excluded carbohydrates from my food ration. After that I have the main training or sparrings. Of course,

  • the main emphasis is put on the fight practice. We usually train during the same number of rounds as a forthcoming fight has – now it is 12 rounds. Then we have 8, 6, 3 rounds (in descending order), have a rest and go back to the cutting phase. 
    In the evening I have kefir 1% (dairy product) for dinner and go to bed. I don’t have bad habits – only sound sleep, trainings, rest and, of course, my wonderful wife. Victoria tries to help me all the time – cooks wholesome food and doesn’t allow anything to bother me when I have a rest. 
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