Press-conference with the participants of the tournament which will take place on May,5 in Yekaterinburg

As we announced earlier, a big fighting show will take place on May, 5 in Yekaterinburg, which is organized by a promotion company RCC Boxing Promotions (Titov Boxing Promotions) with the support of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeniy Kuyvashev. A press-conference was held today, organizers of the evening and boxers took part in it. 
Magomed Kurbanov vs Shane Mosley bout is postponed to September, 9th, 2017 because Mosley injured his arm. Alexey Titov, executive director of RCC Boxing Promotions, announced it at the press-conference. However, on May, 5 (the target date for the bout) Kurbanov will be on the ring, because he is physically fit and there is no need to introduce major changes in preparations for a bout with another rival. 
“We have already chosen a new rival for Magomed. We had a lot of strong and worthy candidates, for example fighters WBO Top-5 – sportsmen from Australia and the Czech Republic. Although their managers and promoters accepted our offer, boxers declined it. Eventually, we have agreed with Virgilijus Strapuliolis to have the bout”, – says Alexey Titov. 
The new rival of Magomed Kurbanov is 30-year-old, his height is 179 cm. He won 27 times on the professional ring (19 KO), lost 4 times and ended one fight in a draw. 
“I’m not upset about the postponement of the bout because of Mosley’s injury”, – says Magomed Kurbanov. “Of course, I really want to have a bout with the legend of boxing! And I hope that I will fight with Shane on the ring this autumn. In the meantime I keep training in the same way as before, my preparations for the bout won’t be changed radically and I’m ready for the bout with the new rival. General physical preparedness trainings (GPP trainings) in the Kyrgyz Republic, which were organized for our team by RCC Boxing Promotions, yielded very good results.” 
RCC Boxing Promotions representatives also added that the fight card is already compiled. They only need to choose a rival for Shavkat Rakhimov, who will fight for the WBA Asia Champion title. As ever, promoters guarantee that there will be interesting and breathtaking bouts during the whole evening. One of them is the bout Evgeny Gradovich (IBF ex-World Champion at featherweight) vs Hugo Berrio (from Columbia) for the WBA Inter-Continental super featherweight title. 
One more Russian, Evgeny Chuprakov, will defend his WBO Inter-Continental title fighting with Eden Sonsona from the Philippines, who is much higher than Chuprakov in the international boxing rating. Young and promising Mikhail Alexeev will fight with Salvador Briseno from Mexico, who has a similar fighting style. On May, 5 guests will have an opportunity to watch MMA fights – Ivan Shtyrkov, famous Russian heavyweight, will fight with Philip de Fries from England. Philip is a very serious rival, he has 12 wins (11 ahead-of-time wins). 
Tickets for the tournament which will take place on May,5 are available on the following web-sites:, and uralbilet.ru

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