Results of the tournament in Pervouralsk

A show “Stalnaya bitva II” (Steel battle II), a professional boxing show, was held on March, 25 in Pervouralsk. It was organized by RCC Boxing Promotions. This event has meant a lot for citizens of Pervouralsk, particularly because Mark Urvanov, their countryman, had a fight on the ring that evening. But first things first. In the first bout Anton Dryuchin, heavyweight from Ryazan (Russia), defeated Yaroslav Ryakhovsky, debutant on the professional ring, by knock-out in the second round. As for another debutant, Royal Alyrzaev from Saint Petersburg (Russia), he defeated Dmitry Press from Tambov (Russia) at lightweight (up to 61,2 kg) on points. 
In the third bout Nazhmudin Biymurzaev, promising and non-defeated Russian lightweight kept winning – he defeated Gamlet Shiriev from Perm (Russia) on points. Sukias Kuyumchyan from Yekaterinburg had a successful debut. He defeated Maxim Votev, representative of Perm, by the decision of judges at super featherweight (up to 59 kg). Another representative of the super featherweight, Akzhol Sulaymanbek uulu from Yekaterinburg kept winning as well and won Alexander Orabinsky from Livny. 
One more non-defeated and promising lightweight from Yekaterinburg, Zaur Abdullaev, won Sharobiddin Joraxonov from Tashkent on points for the first time in his career. 
Pavel Malikov, Russian boxer from Moscow, became a new WBA Asia Champion at lightweight (up to 61,2 kg) in a co-main bout with Mirzhan Zhaxylykov, sportsman from Kazakhstan. The bout was over in the second round – Malikov delivered a strong blow to his rival’s body and won by knock-out. Now Malikov has 11 professional wins and three boxing titles. He has already become Russian and WBC Asia Champion. 
A bout Mark Urvanov vs Glenn Enterina (from the Philippines) was the main fight of the evening. Despite the fact that fight was very difficult for the Ural boxer, he won. So, 20-year-old sportsman climbed one more step up the scale in his professional career. 
In the first half of the 10-round fight Urvanov showed himself in the best light and delivered several strong blows to the rival. However, Glenn Enterina grabbed the lead closer to the end of the fight and in the tenth round knocked down his rival. Nevertheless, our sportsman found strength to get up and fought till the end. At the end of the bout all judges declared Urvanov to be the winner. This is the eleventh fight in Urvanov’s professional career. Apart from the serious and long preparations for the fight, guests helped Urvanov to win. He said it standing right on the ring and thanked the audience: “Thank you all for coming. I feel your support and that’s why I’m going to win!”,  said the boxer. 
As for the difficulty and quality of the fight, Urvanov was satisfied with its tide and result. “The fight has good and bad sides. It’s OK. There are some drawbacks, but they help us to become better. The only thing I don’t like is that I really didn’t notice the side blow. It’s OK, it’s boxing, it can happen. Yes, I was upset a little bit. But I added a small portion of drama into the fight. It all ended well”,  Urvanov commented on the fight. He also noted that his rival is strong, assertive and he has a heavy blow.

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