Shane Mosley: punched Shaquille in the abdomen and hardly got my arm back

The former champion in three weight categories will be 46 this year. One of his sons has already grown up so much that he will box in one day with his father… However, at the same time Shane still sees himself at sport and opens new opportunities and countries. Read a story how the famous boxer-stager works now in the interview of “Sovetckii Sport” with Shane Mosley. 
“Even being on his kneels Shaquille is taller than me” 
- At the press conference a lot of people remembered your fights with Mayweather, De La Hoya and other legends. As for me I will sparkle with originality and ask to recall the show fight with Shaquille O’Neal. 
- Oh, this guy would be a nice boxer. He has an excellent footwork and a good height - even being on his kneels he is taller than me. Once I punched him in the abdomen – ptush (imitate a sound of slap). Hardly got my arm back. He is really huge and it was impossible even to put my arms around him. I don’t know how much he weighs but he is heavy. If he wanted he could force me down with his own weight. 
- A lot of boxers take part in such bouts after finishing their career though you as if nothing happened continued to fight on the professional ring. So I have a question to ask: when is it necessary to finish a career? 
- I think when you start to have some problems – you fight not so much, hit a little and already don’t like sport then it’s time to stop. 
- Don’t you know Jeffrey Monson by chance? He is in need of hearing this advice… 
- Nooo. Who is he? 
- He is an American MMA boxer arrived in Russia to live there the rest of his days. He has a chronic back disease, in a car he is quite frequently transported lying down. 
- How old is he? 
- 46. 
- Well, let’s not compare him with me (laughing). Such guys are not uncommon in sport. Even my son recently fought with a man who went to school with me. I said him: “Won him but don’t injure greatly. He is in a bad shape and not ready to fight with you”. My son can punch hard so I saved the life of that man. 
“Kurbanov is not ready to fight with me” 
- Though now you will fight with a man who is even younger than your son. What did you know about him before you signed up a contract for the fight? 
- I didn’t know him at all… 
- Me too. (Shane is bursting into laughing) 
- I was offered to fight with this guy. I just looked at his record and said: “Okay”. I am always training and ready for such challenges. 
- In case of your defeat the audience on the Internet will make fun of you very keenly. How does the American audience feel about age boxers’ defeats? 
- Americans think that if you lose it’s time to retire. Sometimes they predict your defeats because they want younger boxer to wins . So even if you lose , the way you do it is very important. It’s better to judge whether it is time to retire or not according to the way you lose. 
Do they know about this fight in the USA? What did they think about it? 
- I don’t know whether anybody is aware of such a fight. Those who definitely know are the people who I’m working in gym with, and they can tell you that I’m in a very good shape. If Magomed defeats me they’ll tell “Kurbanov is a good fighter”. Because everybody knows that I’m in a good shape (point finger at himself arrogantly)! There are boxers who are too old for fights but I am still young. I am unlike to any other boxers. I am 45 but still feel as young boxer that’s why I appear on rings. Sooner or later I’ll retire but now it’s early. Maybe I shouldn’t conduct such fights but I can do them competitively and I like it. In the gym I spar with everybody: Cotto, Canelo (Saul Alvarez), Viktor Ortiz… I’m working with all top-boxers! I work – don’t run and don’t fear them! I think Magomed isn’t ready to fight with me. 
- The last question: won’t the problems with weight appear? 
- Don’t worry (shows his press), I will keep within 70 kg. If I have to put it won’t be a critical figure. 

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