«Evgeny Chuprakov will appear on the ring on November, 18 in Yekaterinburg»

Evgeny Chuprakov will appear on the ring on November, 18 in Yekaterinburg

One of the best Russian boxers in super featherweight Evgeny Chuprakov (16-0, 9 KO), will appear on the ring on November,18 in Yekaterinburg during the boxing event organized by a promotion company Titov Boxing Promotions. A 26-year-old citizen of Yekaterinburg will challenge a vacant WBO Intercontinental title with the Namibian Jeremiah Nakathila (11-0, 7 KO). Evgeny shared with us his opinion about his rival, spoke about the preparation to the fight, his attitude to fame, excessive demands and expectations of the audience and also talked about his motivation and his reason to participate in professional boxing.

What do you know about your rival and have you seen him fighting (videos of his fights)? If yes, how do you evaluate the level of your opponent and what aspect would you highlight in his style?

I know his record, but I haven’t seen my opponent yet. Few days before the bout I will do this. My coach and manager are preparing the tactical aspects of my preparation and I trust them.

How is the process of preparation going?

The preparation goes well. The first part was in Kirgyzstan. Mountains, sun, fresh air – all you need to get fully involved to the training process and increase functional body power. As we came back to Yekaterinburg we started sparrings. We have a lot of people here with whom you can sparring. This is very good, the variety of sparring-partners helps to prepare for the bout. We train 6 times a week. Titov Boxing Promotions creates all the conditions for the good preparation, we get everything we need. In general, we have nothing to complain about.

How did you get to Titov Boxing Promotions?

The interests were similar.

Are you satisfied how your career in professional boxing is developing?

Maybe I am. We are boxing and this is enough. We participate in bouts, there is movement –this is great.

How realistic are your thoughts about you as a boxer? Do you know your level and what achievements you can expect taking into account your skills?

Honestly, I never was able to evaluate myself and I don’t want to do it. Each fight is a test – whether I can surpass it or not. The rest is for audience. If the audience likes it – then it is worth it. My fans and family inspire me.

Do you agree with the conventional wisdom allegations ‘who never falls, never stands up’, ‘what does not kill us makes us stronger’, ‘there is no victory without defeat’ and ‘failure teaches success’ in the professional boxing context?

For each fighter different wisdoms serve better. I prefer – what does not kill us makes us stronger.

How self-rigorous are you? What do you think – excessive demands disturb or vice versa help to motivate?

In my opinion it is better not to overrate demands on your-self, see the world as it is. But dreams sometimes come true. It means sometimes you need to raise the bar.

Do you feel that you become more popular – do people recognize you on the streets (I mean strangers)?

Yes, there was some sort of fame. People, children sometimes come and ask to make a photo.

How important for you is the attention of the audience and what the audience expects from you?

The audience stimulates. You understand, that fans there are sitting and waiting for the interesting fight and, of course, your victory. I try not to think about it, it distracts from the fighting mood.

Have you ever been afraid not to satisfy someone’s expectations?

There was a fear, of course, but I try to distract myself, not to think about it. Expectations always were and always will be, but there is a fight and it shows everything.

Why do you need professional box?

It seems I like it, as I participate in it. There is some attraction.

As you are a professional, what motivates you the most – ambitions, recognition (glory, fame) or money?

A lot of things motivate me: financial aspect, some fame, sport and interesting life.

Are you an ambitious and vain person?

I do not set exact goals. I box, move. If there is a fight planned for the future, then my goal is to prepare and fight at high-level. And of course I feel pleased if there is someone who appreciates and give thanks for the good fight.

What was the most difficult fight for you and why?

I had 2 difficult bouts: with Dmitry Kirillov and Timur Akhundov.

Are you monitoring the state of affairs in your weight category and what do you think, when you will be ready for the fight for the World champion title?

I monitor a little bit, I know the champions. The time will show when I’ll be ready.

What should the audience, who will come on November,18, expect from you?

A good fight, I cannot say more right now.

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