Kurbanov vs Mosley bout was marked with cannonry fire shot in St.Petersburg

Shane Mosley, boxing legend, ex-World champion in three weight categories, Magomed Kurbanov, Russian boxer, and Alexey Titov, head of RCC Boxing Promotions, started counting days till a tournament, which will be held on May, 5 in Yekaterinburg, having fired a cannon at noon on the bastion of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Kurbanov and Mosley will challenge the vacant WBO Inter-Continental super welterweight title. 
The tradition of firing the cannon from the Naryshkin Bastion goes back to 1703, when volleys symbolized the beginning and the end of work. Today there are two 122-mm howitzers D-30, constructed in 1968 and 1978 – they are used for making signaling shots. Workers of the State Museum of the History of Saint-Petersburg usually fire the cannons, but sometimes this right is conveyed to freemen or honored guests of Saint-Petersburg.

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