Vladimir Nikitin is expected to square off with Yerzhan Zalilov for a ranking bout in Yekaterinburg.

An Olympic bronze medalist of the Games in Rio de Janeiro Vladimir Nikitin (4-1) and a boxer from Kazakhstan Yerzhan Zalilov  (11-3-1, 5KOs) will encounter in the ring at a boxing evening in Yekaterinburg. The fight will be held in the super bantamweight and will be part of the RCC Boxing Promotions show.

Nikitin became a professional after the Olympic background; he took the bronze medal of the Olympics 2016 and put his name down in history. He had a significant way before that. He went through qualifying tournaments at the European and World Championships. Nikitin moved to the United States after the Games, where he made his debut in professional boxing in 2018. He won three fights out of four in the U.S., and subsequently he had an excellent fight in Yekaterinburg and defeated the hugely experienced Ukrainian Alexander Egorov (20-3-1).

Yerzhan Zalilov has had fifteen fights for six years, as he won eleven. The boxer took a year retirement in 2019, but then returned to the ring in Yekaterinburg. He got Asror Vokhidov as a rival in the first fight, who was knocked down in the fifth round, but eventually achieved a victory. Then Zalilov faced against Liashkov and lost again.

The fight will take place on January 23 in the undercard of the RCC Boxing Promotions tournament, which is reported to take place in Yekaterinburg at the arena of the RCC Martial Arts Academy. There will be nine fights with the participation of boxers from Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tadjikistan, Kyrgyzstan and South Africa.


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