Results of the fighting show which took place in Berezovsky

A spectacular boxing and MMA tournament was held on March, 4 in Beryozovsky (Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia). The tournament was organized by RCC Boxing Promotions (Titov Boxing Promotions) and Alexander Scriabin with the support of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev. 
The tournament was opened by Azer Guseinov and Ibragim Akperi, lightweight boxers (up to 61,2 kg) – both boxers appeared on the ring for the first time. Ibragim, who trained counterattacks, was quicker and more accurate, and, therefore, deservedly won by the unanimous decision of judges after the fourth round was over. 
Other two fights were also conducted by debutants. Nazhmudin Biymurzaev, super lightweight boxer (up to 63,5 kg), fought deservedly and put himself in a favorable light. He defeated Doston Ramziev harshly and spectacularly ahead of time. Biymurzaev’s strokes were strong enough and protected himself properly. During the second round, Ramziev withdrew from the bout and Nazhmudin Biymurzaev won by a technical knock-out. 
Zaur Abdullaev, lightweight boxer, conducted a spectacular and entertaining bout. He defeated Sardorbek Kamilov by a technical knock-out in the first round. Abdullaev seems to be too big for his weight and, at the same time, he is a promising boxer – a strong stroke, good technique and experienced trainers. He is a trained boxer, who has good experience as an amateur and great potential for a career in professional boxing. 
Non-defeated Naimdzhon Makhmadsafarov (3-0, 2 KO at the time of the bout) and one more debutant Dmitri Ganev fought at welterweight (up to 66,7 kg). In the first round Naimdzhon seemed to be stronger, but then Dmitri played the opponent’s way and started fighting more harshly, striking more accurately. Ganev fought better in final rounds and won by the split decision of judges. 
A 10-round welterweight bout Vladyslav Baranov vs Vaginak Tamrazyan was the main bout of the tournament. They challenged the WBC Champion title of the CIS and Slavic countries. Both fighters were unyielding and the bout was very spectacular – it was conducted at a medium range, there were many strong strokes. At the beginning of the bout Vladyslav Baranov put himself in a favorable light, but then very stubborn Vaginak Tamrazyan influenced the course of the bout and started winning – amplitude and right hooks, which passed by the body block, were especially good. During the last three minutes Vladyslav Baranov mustered up his strength and won the last round, but it wasn’t enough to win the whole bout. Vaginak Tamrazyan won by the split decision of judges and became a new CIS welterweight champion. 
As for a MMA part of the tournament, it was also very spectacular and fascinating. During the first bout of a MMA fight card, Iyman Abylkasymov defeated Komron Safarov by the majority of judges’ votes. The next two fights were finished ahead of time: Albert Osorbekov and Almanbet Atambek Uulu defeated Makhrob Zeev and Konstantin Krasnov respectively by chokehold in the second round. 
Shokhrukh Suigunov defeated Maksim Kutkin by the unanimous decision of judges, Zhanybek Slamidin Uulu won Sergei Pazinskiy, who withdrew from the bout. Nuraly Kabylzhan Uulu defeated Maksim Kamenshchikov by the majority of judges’ votes. Vladimir Bialobzhitskiy, famous MMA fighter, defeated Rustam Kapalov by the technical knock-out in the second round.

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