Interview with Vladyslav Baranov

A boxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) tournament will take place on March, 4 in Berezovsky (Sverdlovsk oblast, Russia). The tournament is organized by RCC Boxing Promotions (Titov Boxing Promotions) and Alexander Scriabin with the support of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev. The tournament will be held at the Sports Complex “Lider” (“Лидер”). The show will start at 5 p.m. local time. There will be 14 fights (including 7 MMA fights). The show will be broadcast live, starting at 4 p.m. Moscow time on the following web-site: Tickets for the tournament are available on a web-site
The main event of the tournament will be a 10-round bout – Vladyslav Baranov (5-1-1, 4 KO), champion from Ukraine, and Vaginak Tamrazyan (11-3, 3 KO), challenger from Russia, will challenge the WBC CIS and Slovenian Champion welterweight (up to 66,7 kg) title. 
Vladyslav Baranov gave an exclusive interview and told about boxers, who motivate him, and how he got into boxing. Vladyslav also told about his goals, shared his views concerning his rival and told what fans should expect on March,4. 
- How did you get into boxing and why did you choose this sport? 
- Vasiliy Grechko and Alexander Smirnov were my first coaches in Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi (city in Ukraine). My mother met Vasiliy Grechko in school. When I was 8, he invited me to take part in trainings – since that time I started boxing. I had small breaks, because I was a child and I wanted to go for a walk with my friends, but I kept on training. 
- Why did you decide to start professional boxing and how quickly did you adapt to it after doing amateur boxing? 
- I always wanted to box on the professional ring. Before starting professional career, I didn’t train for about 2 years. Due to some circumstances I decided to give up boxing. I thought that I wouldn’t start boxing again, but two years later I met my second coach, Yuri Nuzhnenko, who trained me at the Brovary High Sports School, and invited me to take up professional boxing. The first bout wasn’t very successful – I lost on points. But it motivated me and aroused my desire to become a real pro. When I won several bouts, I started to be more confident on the professional ring. 
- Why did you start boxing in Russia? 
- My former promotion company and I have concluded a contract with RCC Boxing Promotions. 
- What do you know about your rival, Vaginak Tamrazyan? Have you watched his fights? If yes, how would you characterize him as a boxer? 
- Of course, I have watched his bouts. Now I know his strong and weak points. He is strong, has good breath skills and he is a stubborn boxer. 
- Do you think you will fight during the whole bout? Or are you going to get an ahead-of-time win? 
- I always prepare for the whole bout. Everything else depend s on the situation and my work. 
- How would you characterize yourself as a boxer in terms of you r style and manners? 
- I’m very stubborn and often aggressive during bouts. But I always make the aggression work for me and ignore my emotions. I always try to fight thoughtfully, relying on my speed and reaction. 
- What are your goals in boxing? 
- I want to be the best. 
- Do you think it’s possible to make a living doing professional boxing? 
- Yes, I do. It’s possible to earn not only your but also your children’s living. 
- You don’t look like Ukrainian. Do you have African roots just as Ismayl Sillah? 
- I’m 100% Ukrainian. My father is African (Congo) and my mother is Ukrainian. 
- Do you have idols in boxing? Who do you want to be like? 
- There are boxers, who motivate me. They are Muhammad Ali, Roy Jones Jr., Mayweather Jr. But there are many other boxers, whose lives and success don’t allow me to give up and make me perfect my skills. 
- What should the audience expect on March, 4? What do you want to be remembered for? 
- I will conduct the good and interesting bout. The audience will see

  • all peculiarities on March, 4 on the ring!

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