Abdullayev outweighed Malikov before the fight at the RCC Boxing Promotions event

Today in Ekaterinburg passed the procedure of weighing and  staredowns of participants of the first RCC Boxing Promotions tournament after the pandemic, which will be held tomorrow at the RCC Martial Arts Academy. A total of eight fights with boxers from three countries are waiting for the audience: Russia, Armenia and Uzbekistan. However, the main interest is the co-main and main pair of the show

The event will be led by the fight of russian lightweights Zaur Abudllayev and Pavel Malikov – the boxers go side by side in the world rankings, and two years ago even represented the same team and trained in the same hall. At the weigh-in, Abdullayev outweighed Malikov by 300 grams and showed a weight of 62.3 kg.

The co-main match of the evening will be the meeting of Magomed Kurbanov and Ilya Ochkin. Ochkin spent only seven fights in the professional ring. He represents the team of Alexander Povetkin and trainings in his gym. For Kurbanov, the fight will be the 20th in his career, and Ochkin should not have been a contender for the upcoming fight. Initially, "Black lion" planned to hold a fight for the title, but because of the quarantine, Ochkin came on as a replacement. At the weigh-in, Kurbanov was heavier than his opponent by 100 grams and showed a weight of 71.8 kg.

We present you the full results of the weigh-in of the participants of the show.

1st bout 6 rounds, weight category up to 66.7 kg
66.8 kg / Igor Adleiba (10-0, 4ko), Abkhazia, Sukhum
67,1 kg / Cantemir of Kalajoki (2-6), Russia, Pyatigorsk

2nd bout, 6 rounds, weight category up to 57.2 kg
57.6 kg / Ivan Chirkov (3-0), Russia, Chelyabinsk
57.4 kg / Hasan Turakeldiev (1-0, 1ko), Uzbekistan, Besharyk

3rd bout, 6 rounds, weight category up to 79.4 kg
83.8 kg / David Gladun (3-0), Russia, Stary Oskol
83.8 kg / Denis Khamatov (5-2), Russia, Chelyabinsk

4th bout, 6 rounds, weight category up to 55.2 kg
56.0 kg / Eugene Lyashkov (4-1), Russia, Yekaterinburg
55.9 kg / Davit Hovhannisyan (5-8, 1ko), Armenia, Gyumri

5th bout, 6 rounds, weight category up to 72.6 kg
73.6 kg / Ivan Nikonov (3-0, 1ko), Russia, Alapaevsk
73.5 kg / Murad Ramazanov (4-0, 1ko), Russia, Saint Petersburg

6th bout, 10 rounds, weight category up to 59 kg
59.8 kg / Stanislav Kalitsky (10-0, 3ko), Russia, Yekaterinburg
59.9 kg / Dmitry Khasiev (9-2-2, 3ko), Russia, Vladikavkaz

7th bout, 10 rounds, weight category up to 69.9 kg
71.8 kg / Magomed Kurbanov (19-0, 11ko), Russia, Yekaterinburg
71.7 kg / Ilya Ochkin (6-1, 2ko), Russia, Chekhov

8th bout, 10 rounds, weight category up to 61.2 kg
62.3 kg / Zaur Abdullaev (11-1, 7ko), Russia, Yekaterinburg
62,0 / Pavel Malikov (16-1-1, 6ko), Russia, Lyubertsy




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