The results of Gala-tournament which took place in Chelyabinsk on February 18th

On Saturday February,18 An international fighting show in professional boxing, Thai boxing and MMA devoted to Fatherland Defender Day took place at the arena “Traktor” in Chelyabinsk. The sport event was held with the support the Governor of Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky, Russian Copper Company and “Ariant” company. The main organizer of the show is RCC Boxing Promotions (Titov Boxing Promotions). 
At the ice arena “Traktor” seven thousands of spectators saw 11 bouts, 6 hours of gripping and determined fights with the participation of boxers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, the USA, Colombia and the Philippines. The audience was encouraged by numerous brilliant victories of Russian boxers. They managed to defend their titles and won new ones. 
In the first fight of the evening according to the rules of professional boxing at featherweight (up to 57,2 kg) the representative of Pervouralsk Mark Urvanov fought with Alexander Saltykov from Saint-Petersburg. For such a young boxer as Urvanov it was not difficult to defeat more experienced and aged Saltykov by a technical knockout in the third round. 
In the second fight also according to the rules of professional boxing at super featherweight (up to 59 kg) the rival of Akzhol Sulaymanbek uulu from Yekaterinburg was Sharobiddin Joraxonov from Uzbekistan. The fight was lasting all 6 rounds, after that by unanimous decision of judges the victory was given to the Russian boxer. 
The third bout was held according to Thai boxing rules at weight category up to 51 kg. The representative of Nizhny Novgorod Egor Ishuk fought with Yodpayak Lekmyangon from Thailand. In determined 5-round bout the victory was given to Ishuk by split decision of judges. 
Then on the ring of the arena “Traktor” there were professional boxing title fights. In the first one at the weight category up to 55,3 kg the rival of Murad Arslanov from Beloyarski was Andrey Isaev from Belarus. In the second one at the weight category up to 61,2 kg Muhammadkhuja Yaqubov from Saint-Petersburg fought with Yogli Herrera from Colombia. Both bouts ended in favor of the Russian boxers but was lasting all 10 rounds. In the end the judges declared Russian boxers the strongest ones in two fights. Thus, Arslanov defended his WBC Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council Super Bantamweight title and Yaqubov defended his WBC Asian Boxing Council Continental lightweight title. 
In the sixth MMA bout (up to 93 kg) Dmitriy Malyhin quickly defeated Oliver Daund from France by a technical knockout in the first round. 
Then the 7th boxer appeared on the ring was the representative of Chelyabinsk. The audience greeted with admiration south-Ural Thai boxer, Europe Champion among professionals and defender of legendary Buakaw Khayal Dzhaniev. As a result Khayal conducted a 3-round fight in the weight category up to 71 kg against his rival 21-year-old Kazbek Sagydykov from Kazakhstan. The boxer from Chelyabinsk managed to show spectacular throws and special elbow punches. The level of his proficiency was certainly better than his opponent’s that’s why the victory was given to the ring host. 
According to the rules of professional boxing next three bouts were also title ones. It’s worth emphasizing that all three fights were ended by victories of Russian boxers. In the first bout up to 90,7 kg Yury Kashinsky from Novosibirsk needed only 2 of 10 rounds to knock out Kristijan Krstacic from Croatia and win WBO Oriental title. 
Rustam Nugaev from Perm needed a little bit more time. He won Feruzbek Yuldashev from Uzbekistan by a technical knockout in the 7th round. Nugaev defended his WBC Asian Boxing Council Silver lightweight title (up to 61,2 kg). The rival of Nugaev 22-year-old Feruzbek Yuldashev offered him worthy resistance having parried risk punches and moved constantly. Then the Uzbek boxer got tired physically and Rustam took control over the

  • bout. After the 7th round Yuldashev refused to continue the fight referring to arm injury. 
    At last in the next to last bout and the main boxing fight of the evening non-defeated representative of Yekaterinburg Shavkat Rakhimov fought with the experienced boxer from the Philippines Rogelio Jun Doliguez for the vacant WBC Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council Super Featherweight title (up to 59 kg). Rakhimov had the advantage from the first round, chose the correct distance and attacked effectively. During the bout advantage of Rakhimov only increased and in the 5th round the boxer from Yekaterinburg attacked effectively having knocked out his rival on the ring floor and the latter was not able to continue the fight till time counting of the referee. Shavkat Rakhimov won by a technical knockout. After such a convincing victory new Champion of WBC Eurasia Pacific Boxing Counsil title didn’t hide his emotions. He thanked all his team, fans and organizers of the Gala-tournament. 
    MMA heavyweight fighters (over 93 kg) fought during high point of the event. The main stars of the show were non-defeated Ivan Shtyrkov from Ural region and Rodney Wallance from the USA. 
    For the Russian boxer the bout happened to be not easy. During all three rounds Ivan felt constrained. Having boxed in his day in UFC Wallance got dissection. He was provided with medical assistance for some seconds. However, even after that he finished the fight. Though, the victory was given to Shtyrkov by the unanimous decision of judges. 
    “It was difficult to win. Perhaps only during a bout you realize What ‘an experienced rival’ means. Now I feel happy but upset a bit. I didn’t do and didn’t show what I wanted. I don’t understand the reason of it. Maybe overtraining,” – confessed Ivan Shtyrkov in a mix-area. 
    “The rival is young and very strong. He was active, he dropped me. I could do more but I didn’t that’s why I lost, - said Rodney Wallance to the press. – I hope this bout showed him that now he is going on the next level”. 
    “We saw 11 interesting bouts, 5 champion professional boxing fights. I think spectators liked it. We try to promote exactly our Ural boxers including organizing title bouts. Generally, Ural region is a forge of champions. There live the strongest and most powerful people with true champion character. We are 100% sure that we will continue to organize such tournaments in Chelyabinsk. This year at least one more tournament will take place here. But I can’t tell the exact date now. Everything is scheduled till July but I think in April or May we will understand when we will be in Chelyabinsk again,” – summarized the results of the boxing show the director of RCC Boxing Promotions Aleksey Titov.

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