Five knockouts and an important victory for Kurbanov: the 35th RCC Boxing show took place in Yekaterinburg

Today the RCC Martial Arts Academy hosted an anniversary RCC boxing event. The main promotion stars - Magomed Kurbanov, Evgeny Tishchenko, Muhammad Yaqubov and Mark Urvanov went into to the ring during the 35th show. In total, the guests of the event watched ten fights, five of which ended ahead of schedule.

The main fight of the evening was the meeting between Muhammad Yaqubov and Mexican Tomas Rojas for the WBC International title. For the Russian boxer this fight was already the fourth belt defense.

The first three rounds turned out to be not the brightest - both boxers acted closed. In the fourth round, the Mexican increased the pace of bout and were pressing Yaqubov, who worked on counterattacks until the ninth interval. The final three rounds were the most exciting - Rojas was twice on the verge of knockdown, but both times Yaqubov could not get to the victory. Nevertheless, he read all the attacks of the Mexican and confidently finished the fight to the decision of the judges.

The co-main event of the show was the bout between the first and second number of the Russian rating Magomed Kurbanov and Ismail Iliev. The fight turned out to be one of the most spectacular. For the first time in his career, Kurbanov worked as the second number and was not charged for knockout - he spent his last camp in the UK and his boxing became more intelligent and tactically adjusted.

In the second round, Kurbanov sent Iliev to a knockdown, but he quickly recovered and began the attack, where Kurbanov received a strong cut, which after the fight had to be sewn up. However, this only angered the Black Lion, and he tried to crush his opponent with his power - in the ninth round he was twice close to an early victory, but both times Iliev survived, and the fight reached the final bell. The judges by unanimous decision gave the victory to Magomed Kurbanov.

Olympic champion Evgeny Tishchenko knocked out Argentinean Marcos Antonio Aumada in the third round. The fight was quite calm - the Argentinean constantly tried to put pressure on Tishchenko, while he almost did not deliver dangerous blows. The Russian boxer worked as the second number and in one of the counterattacks punched well on the upper body, sending the opponent into a knockdown, and after a few seconds, he consolidated the success kidney shot and won the seventh victory in his career.

The fight between Mark Urvanov and Akzhol Sulaimanbek Uulu opened the main card show. The most prestigious WBA Gold title and a place in the top 5 rating of the World Boxing Association were at stake, so the fight was held in the best traditions of American boxing. 

Already by the second round, positional boxing ended, and the opponents shared roles with each other. Akzhol occupied the center of the ring and began to pressure Urvanov. Urvanov was expecting this, so he calmly accepted the position of the second number and acted very dangerous on contracts, pulling all forces out of his opponent. The seventh round was decisive, Mark pulled Akjol into the fight and sent the undefeated boxer into a knockout with a left blow.

The fight of the ex-contender for the world title Evgeny Chuprakov and Vladislav Krasnoshein went the entire distance according to the most dramatic scenario. Chuprakov, who was vitally needed to win this fight, did his best to get it, but in the end lost to the judges' decision.

It is worth noting that on the undercard of the show there were fights that deserve attention.

Asror Vokhidov from Tajikistan won a strong-willed victory over Kazakhstani Yerzhan Zalilov.

Nikita Kuznetsov suffered a crushing defeat from Dmitrii Khasiev, who in this fight was an obvious underdog. Losing in the course of the first round, Khasiev caught Kuznetsov on the counterattack and sent him to the knockdown, then one more and one more. As a result, the judge was forced to stop the fight and give the victory to Khasiev.

Dmitry Yun from Chelyabinsk did not disappoint the Ural audience and quickly figured out a boxer from Donetsk Stanislav Maksyuchenko. Four rounds were enough for Yun to get the victory in this fight - Maksyuchenko refused to enter the fifth round.

Vasily Voytsekhovsky and Vladimir Kotlyarov showed another outstanding show. The first five rounds of boxers were reduced to a draw, so in the fifth they arranged a real fight, from which Voytsekhovsky came out the winner. 

The show was opened by a meeting between Igor Adleiba and Arkadi Harutyunyan. Adleiba completely outplayed his opponent and won ahead of schedule.

Full results

RCC Boxing Promotions | Igor Adleyba won ahead of schedule over Arkadi Harutyunyan
RCC Boxing Promotions: Vasily Voytsekhovsky defeated Vladimir Kotlyarov by a majority 
RCC Boxing Promotions: Stanislav Maksyuchenko refused to continue the fight with Dmitry Yun
RCC Boxing Promotions: Dmitrii Khasiev created the main tournament upset - Kuznetsov got the first loss.
RCC Boxing Promotions: Asror Vokhidov defeated Yerzhan Zalilov
RCC Boxing Promotions: Vladislav Krasnoshein defeated Evgeny Chuprakov by knockdown 
RCC Boxing Promotions: Mark Urvanov is the new owner of the WBA Gold belt. Akzhol Sulaymanbek Uulu suffered the first defeat.
RCC Boxing Promotions: Evgeny Tishchenko knocked out Marcos Antonio Aumada
RCC Boxing Promotions: Magomed Kurbanov defeated Ismail Iliev
RCC Boxing Promotions: Muhammad Yaqubov defends the WBC International title for the fourth time

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