Ekaterinburg hosted 34th professional boxing event of the RCC Boxing Promotions.

The guests of the RCC Martial Arts Academy were able to see eleven fights, all of which, except for the main one, finished with the decisions. 

The main fight of the night ended in the seventh round, but there was silence at the arena - Ural boxer Ravshanbek Umurzakov unexpectedly missed a blow to the jaw from Venezuelan Correa, was in a knockdown, and after ten seconds counted down he refused to continue the fight.

Initially the fight was very successful for the Urals boxer. Umurzakov started very aggressively and was sure that he would knock his opponent out. Nevertheless, after two minutes the foreigner was able to adjust to the style of his opponent, and for a long time Umurzakov could not get on his own distance. By the fourth round the Urals boxer caught the speed and forced Correa to break the rules, for which he got one-point penalty. Immediately after that our boxer was already totally dominating the ring, but on the counterattack, he missed the left hook and found himself in a knockdown.

This moment turned the situation in the ring - Umurzakov ran along the ropes for the rest of three minutes, and the Venezuelan was moving forward, but the gong saved our boxer. One minute break was not enough for Umurzakov to fully recover, and it became a it became a key point in the fight - Correa again hit Umurzakov, and this blow was the last in the fight and led to the first defeat of Ravshanbek Umurzakov in his career. 

The main fight of the evening also had an international character - Luhansk boxer Eduard Skavynskyi faced with Argentinean Nahuel Galessi. Like the main bout, this confrontation was nervous - Skavinskyi had a slight advantage throughout the fight, constantly pressed and pushed, but Galessi constantly catched the opponent on the counter, throwing "curves" of dangerous blows, which Skavinskyi often did not have time to see.

By the middle of the fight, both had open cuts on their faces and Skavinskyi had a nosebleed. In many ways, the last round was decisive, where the Lugansk boxer made the best of it and outplayed Galessi - Skavinskyi won by the judges made a unanimous decision.

Another international fight took place between the boxer of the RCC Martial Arts Academy Stanislav Kalitskiy and the representative of Argentina Alan Castillo. For the first two rounds, the boxers looked closely at each other, then worked for 12 more minutes at high speeds without dangerous moments, but in the sixth round the battle of characters and endurance began. Kalitsky, unlike his opponent, was able to maintain his strength until the end of the fight, which was the key factor - most of the meeting was left to him, as well as victory in the bout.

Another Uralian Ilya Balandin from Sysert in his meeting against young Murad Ramazanov could not prove himself at a high level - already in the first round he went into a double cover from the opponent’s firm attacks, and in the second he could have ended up on the floor, but “saved” in clinch. As a result, the victory of the boxer from St. Petersburg by the decision of the judges.

Dmitry Yun’s from Chelyabinsk, who recently moved to the U.S. in the Sergey Kovalev gym, was stronger than Ukrainian Artem Auvazidi. Yun constantly attacked Auvazidi with jabs and kept at a distance. However, from time to time he was fond of deep attacks, which the Ukrainian correctly used for the response series. In the fifth part, Aivazidi slowed down in speed, and Yun was able to show what he was capable of - long series on the body and head, excellent speed and full control of the distance and space in the ring. The result’s a unanimous victory of the Chelyabinsk boxer.

It is interesting that this evening in the ring in the face-to-face meeting two boxers from the RCC Academy team met - Zafar Parpiev and Evgenii Liashkov fought for rating points in the baltamweight division of the world boxrec rating. Boxers train with different trainers and their relationship cannot be called friendly, so the fight turned out to be very tough and interesting. Liashkov was stronger - the judges gave him the victory. By the way, he had his preparation for the fight with Magomed Kurbanov’s coach.

In addition, the RCC Boxing Promotions paid special attention to novice boxers in this show, who either made their debut in the professionals, or had one or two fights.

Musa Musaev’s from Nizhnevartovsk started his career successfully, having defeated Tomsk debutant Alexander Bobrov.

Marat Gashimov won the first victory in the professional ring. His opponent was an experienced Nazim Tozhiboev, who could not prove himself.

David Gladun’s from a village Tomarovka won the second fight in his career, without a chance for Evgeny Lagozhe’s from Ukhta.


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