Magomed Kurbanov is the new WBO International champion

Magomed Kurbanov is the new WBO International champion

Representatives of the super welter Magomed Kurbanov (Yekaterinburg, Russia, 17-0) and Diego Gabriel Chaves (San Miguel, Argentina, 27-4-1) faced in the main fight of the RCC Boxing Promotions show. At stake was the vacant WBO International title.

Kurbanov has not gone into the ring since February 2019. At the time, Magomed also fought with Argentinean Damian Bonelli and won by unanimous decision. In today's fight, his opponents were an Argentinean with a powerful knockout blow, and won 23 fights ahead of schedule.

In the first rounds, the opponents looked at each other. The Argentinean felt comfortable in the ring. Chaves showed excellent defense, Kurbanov's kicks rarely reached the goal. At the same time, Diego carried out good attacks. In the second half of the bout, the Argentine in various ways tried to slow down the fight. Kurbanov acted as the first number, but Chaves competently left and clinched. In the final rounds, Kurbanov continued to move forward, but in vain. The Argentinean constantly shot down attacks, the referee often had to intervene in a duel due to a clinch. As a result, the fight came to the referee's decision. All three referees gave preference to Magomed Kurbanov, who became the new WBO International champion.


Magomed Kurbanov: “Chaves boxed in such arenas where I just dream to visit”

Russian boxer Magomed Kurbanov commented on the victory over Diego Gabriel Chavez from Argentina at the RCC Boxing Promotions show: 

“The fight was hard. Until the middle, I could not understand what the problem was: either I am such a sack, or the opponent is actually so experienced. But in the middle of the fight I realized that you just need to box, don’t impose anything on him, but just show the box. Chaves boxed in such arenas where I just dream to visit. For me, this fight is an invaluable experience, I saw dirty boxing, simulation. You saw that during the fight all the remarks were directed at me, to be honest, I didn't understand what was going on. Sometimes it happens, you look from the side and see one thing, and the ring shows a completely different one. I did not expect many jabs and therefore missed. But lessons have been learned, and we will continue to work on mistakes. Now it's important to defend the belt and get back to the fight for the world champion”

Muhammadkhuja Yaqubov defeated Abraham Montoya by unanimous decision

Muhammad Yaqubov (Yekaterinburg, Russia, 14-0) and Abraham Montoya (Mexicali, Mexico, 18-1-1) faced in the co-main event of the show in the ring of the RCC martial arts Academy. For Yaqubov, this fight was the third defense of the WBC International Super Feather Title in the second featherweight (up to 59 kg).

From the first minutes of the fight, the Mexican began to exert pressure, but Yaqubov calmly and very competently worked second number. Muhammad’s strikes were far more likely to achieve their goal than an opponent’s strikes. In the fourth round, Yaqubov was close to getting the fight over ahead of schedule. In the fourth round, Yakubov was close to getting the fight over ahead of schedule. His series of punches shocked Abraham. After this episode, Montoya stopped moving so actively forward, and Yaqubov, on the contrary, began to press the opponent and conduct their attacks. Muhammad felt comfortable in the ring, easily escaping the Mexican's blows and controlling the situation.

In the second half of the twelve-round fight, Yaqubov continued to hold the situation in his hands. Muhammad carried out various attacks, alternating blows to the corps and to the head. As a result, the fight lasted all twelve rounds, following which Muhammad Yaqubov won a confident victory by unanimous decision and defended the WBC International title for the third time.

Muhammad Yaqubov: "I underestimated my opponent.

Russian boxer Muhammad Yaqubov commented on the victory over Abraham Montoya by the unanimous decision:

“Honestly, I underestimated my opponent. I watched his fights, and there he boxed too slowly. So, I thought that I would finish the fight with an early victory. After the third round I realized that I would have to go all the way. The most difficult was the fourth round, I missed it and had to recover for a while. How many times did I hit it? He did not fall; Montoya was too strong. Then I switched to the series: punch and leave. I'm glad it was over. Now I want to rest and go to the training camp in America".


Evgeny Tishchenko successfully held the first defense of the WBO Inter-Continental title

In the ninth bout of the evening the representative of the RCC Martial Arts Academy, Olympic champion Evgeny Tishchenko (Yekaterinburg, Russia, 5-0) held his first defense of the WBO Inter-Continental title. His opponent was an experienced boxer from Kazakhstan Issa Akberbaev (Almaty, Kazakhstan, 20-0).

In the first two rounds, the boxers looked closely at each other. Tishchenko as a champion tried to work as the first number. Evgeny had an advantage in growth over his opponent and actively used jab. The boxer from Kazakhstan only occasionally threw his punches, which almost did not reach the goal. In the third and fourth rounds, the representative of the RCC Martial Arts Academy raised the pace, began to hold good combinations, and Akberbaev sometimes had a very difficult time. or Tishchenko it was only the second ten-round fight in his career, but Evgeny kept up the pace. In the fifth round, Tishchenko knocked Akberbayev out, but the athlete from Kazakhstan came to his senses quite quickly.

With each fight in the professional ring, Evgeny is increasingly moving away from the way of fighting from amateur boxing, trying to work not on the number of blows, but on the quality. With each fight in the professional ring, Evgeny is increasingly moving away from the way of fighting from amateur boxing, trying to work not on the number of blows, but on the quality. Issa Akberbayev, who won 15 knockout victories in his career, waited for the moment for an accurate blow, but Tishchenko did not give the opponent a single chance. After the sixth round, the corner of the Kazakh fighter decided not to continue the fight, and Evgeny won by a technical knockout.

Evgeny Tishchenko: “An experienced opponent is passed, we move on”

Russian boxer Evgeny Tishchenko commented on the victory over Issa Akberbaev from Kazakhstan by technical knockout:

"Issa is the most experienced opponent I have ever had. There was a plan for all ten rounds, so we did not force the situation, did not hurry. I felt the full power of the opponent, he struck hard. There was a task in the end to increase the pace, but they refused, this victory does not become less important. An experienced opponent has passed, we move on. I am glad to work with Alexander Zolkin, he really changed me, first of all mentally, taught me to understand professional boxing, explained the difference from the amateur one. I am pleased with myself and glad that today I was in the ring. Now I will rest a little bit, at the end of the year I will get married and next year I will reach new victories with new strength".

Mark Urvanov defeated Evgeny Chuprakov by technical knockout in the third round 

In the eighth fight of the evening two representatives of the RCC Martial Arts Academy met in the ring. Evgeny Chuprakov (Yekaterinburg, Russia, 21-1) boxed against Mark Urvanov (Pervouralsk, Russia, 16-2-1). The fight took place in the second Feather category, with the vacant WBO International title at stake. 

From the first minutes of the fight, the more experienced Evgeny Chuprakov became number two, Urvanov constantly pressed the jab, but did not force the situation. At the beginning of the third round Chuprakov began to work more actively, his corner asked him to act as the first number. But as soon as Evgeny began to open up, Mark was ready for it. Urvanov caught Chuprakov with a blow towards, pressed the opponent against the ropes and began to finish off. Chuprakov tried for some time to get away from the kicks, but Mark continued to get in, and the referee was forced to intervene: the fight was stopped at the end of the third round. Mark Urvanov became the new WBO International champion.

Mark Urvanov: “I am ready to box with anyone who gets in my way”

Mark Urvanov commented on a technical knockout victory over Evgeny Chuprakov: 

"Honestly, I thought the fight would take longer. The task was not to go much forward, but after the second round the coach said that I was too passive. And I started to work a little bit, I got caught up in the body. I saw that Evgeny had a hard time boxing and understood that it was useless to hit him in the head, it was necessary to beat him in the corps. It was right that the referee stopped the fight because health was the first thing to do. Sport is sport, in boxing I have to box with anyone who gets in my way, it's my job, it's my bread. Yevgeniy and I communicate very well, and I have no doubt that I respect him, but this is a sport. It's very unpleasant to box with a classmate, it's easier to beat some foreigner and forget about it. There are unpleasant feelings at heart, but what can you do if we are in the same weight? Now I'm in the top ten boxers, all just ahead of me.

Igor Adleiba defeated Eddie Colmenarez by a split decision

The time has come for title fights. In the seventh pair of the evening, Igor Adleiba (Sukhum, Abkhazia, 8-0) and Eddy Colmenarez (Caracas, Venezuela, 6-0-1) came together for the vacant WBO Youth Welter Title   (up to 66.7 kg). The Venezuelan had an impressive height advantage, however, he could not restrain Igor at a distance. From the first minutes of the fight, the representative of Abkhazia launched incredible attacks on his rival, and only by a miracle Colmenarez continued to remain on his feet. For almost all eight rounds, the picture of the fight was the same: Adleiba worked as the first number, and the Venezuelan defended himself, but at the same time Colmenarez had a great blow and did not forget to answer. In the final round, the fighters staged a real slaughter, In the final round, the fighters staged a real massacre, but both stayed up for the final gong. As a result, Igor Adleiba won by a split decision

Asror Vokhidov defeated Andrey Fedortsov by unanimous decision


In the sixth fight of the RCC Boxing Promotions show the super bantam (up to 55.2 kg) two undefeated fighters came together: the representative of Tajikistan Asror Vokhidov (Isfara, Tajikistan, 5-0) and the Russian Andrey Fedortsov (Krasnodar, Russia, 4-0 ). Voлhidov from the beginning of the fight tried to work the first number. In the first round, Asror was injured: as the fighter admitted after the fight, he broke his arm. But, despite this, Vokhidov was more convincing in all six rounds, sometimes the Fedortsov corner asked Andrey at least occasionally to answer the opponent. The fight reached the referee's verdict, where Asror Vokhidov won by a unanimous decision. 

Vasily Voytsekhovsky knocked out Denis Khamatov in the second round

Vasily Voytsekhovsky: "I was ready for any outcome.

Vasily Voytsekhovsky commented on the victory over Denis Khamatov by a technical knockout:

“The whole scenario of the fight I failed. It was necessary to read the opponent the first round, it was necessary to actively work with the front hand, and I went forward without blows, it was necessary to develop the attack. But you see how it turned out: in the first round I hit and could not finish it off, in the second the outcome of the bout was already resolved in my head, and thank God everything worked out. I wish health to Denis. I prepared hard, thank you very much to all the trainers who helped me in the preparation. We were well prepared for this opponent, plus I was maximally charged for the battle. I was ready for any outcome, now I do not regret anything. I don’t want to seem like a conceited person, but inside my mind there were thoughts about the possibility of an early victory. I can say so about the future, the past has already passed, the future has not come yet, I am alive and well here and now, I will solve problems as it come. Thank you all for supporting me ”

Vazir Tamoyan defeated Evgeny Nikitin by unanimous decision


Vazir Tamoyan commented on the victory over  Evgeny Nikitin by unanimous decision:

I got a little tired, but everything went well on the whole. I am glad that my victory is mine. The course of the fight was affected by the knockdown, after which I did not force the situation and was careful, maybe that's why I was not so tired. Evgeny is a strong, experienced fighter, he did a good job. Training took place at the RCC martial arts Academy, everything went perfectly.  Now, of course, I want to rest and decide what fight will be next

Ivan Chirkov defeated Dastanbek Imankaziev by unanimous decision

Ivan Chirkov: "If the fight had gone on a little longer, it would have over ahead of schedule.

Russian boxer Ivan Chirkov commented on the victory over Dastanbek Imankaziyev from Kyrgyzstan by the unanimous decision: 

"First of all, I would like to thank my coach Veniamin Plekhov for his help. We watched Dastanbek'd fight with the coach and looked for his mistakes. I can say that the opponent was strong, today everything worked out. I am sure that if the fight had gone on a little longer, it would have ended ahead of schedule. I saw that he wasn't feeling well anymore. Imankaziev is more experienced than me, and all the fights he had in this organization, for me it was only the second fight in a professional career and the first here, so it was exciting. I want to thank everyone who supports me. We plan to prepare for the tournament that will take place here with Roy Jones on December 7th.

Javokhirbek Karimov defeated Stanislav Predybailo by unanimous decision 

Javokhirbek Karimov: "The main thing is my victory.

Uzbekistan Javokhirbek Karimov commented on the victory over Russia's Stanislav Predybailo by unanimous decision:

"It is impossible to explain the joy I'm feeling now. I am very happy. Yes, I missed a punch in the last round, but the main thing is victory. I was preparing in Ekaterinburg for this opponent, and today I was able to make sure that my training was correct. Now I want to rest for ten days, and then we will think and maybe we will have a fight in December.


Khaibula Musalov defeated Karen Avetisyan by unanimous decision

Khaibula Musalov: "I have a goal is to become a world champion."

Boxer from Azerbaijan Khaibula Musalov commented on the victory over Karen Avetisyan by unanimous decision:

"Here, in Yekaterinburg, I boxed for the second time. The organizers offered very good opponents. I have a goal - to become a world champion, and that's the way I go to here.  Karen's a very experienced fighter, showed a good fight today. Once I fought seven rounds, so today the six-round fight was not a surprise to me. 
Practically not tired, I will be able fight again tomorrow. I will not hide, I wanted to win early, I need knockouts in my career, but Avetisyan had a strong head. I had a training in Dagestan, I want to say thank you to everyone who supports me. I want to fight abroad.



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