Kashinsky and Yaqubov strengthened their positions in the WBO ranking. Romanov in the 11th.

The World Boxing Organization has published updated ratings in all weight categories. There are four boxers of the RCC Boxing Promotions among the top 15. 

Yury Kashinsky (18-0) became one of the top three strongest in cruiser (up to 90.7 kg).  It should be noted that Kashinsky won the EBP champion title and IBF Inter-Continental belt in June this year and became one of the contenders for the world champion title, because the first three positions were vacant. However, now the first two lines are reserved for boxers from Poland and Germany. 

Muhammadkhuja Yaqubov (14-0) moved up in the 14th place in the super feather weight (up to 59 kg). Yaqubov will have his next fight in November against Cuba's first number Pablo Vicente (15-1). Yaqubov will defend the WBC International title.

Evgeny Romanov (14-0), performing in heavyweight (over 90.7 kg), is on the 11th line.

Another boxer of the RCC, Zaur Abdullaev (11-1), dropped out of the top 15 after defeating Devin Haney in the fight for the WBC world title.


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