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Ravshanbek Umurzakov defeated Roldan Aldea by a unanimous decision

Ravshanbek Umurzakov: "After Aldea knocked out Mikhail Alexeev, I found out that I will fight with him.

Boxer from Uzbekistan Ravshanbek Umurzakov commented on the victory over Filipino Roland Aldea by unanimous decision:

The most important thing is to win. I am very happy that everything happened like this. I tried to make the most of the coach's instructions, the opponent was very difficult, but everything worked out. After Aldea knocked out Mikhail Alexeev, I found out that I will fight with him. The task was completed - I won. Thank you to my team, assistants, promoters, everyone who was there. Now I’m going have a rest and I`m willing to have the next fight for the world champion title.

Stanislav Kalitskiy defeated Vladislav Krasnoshein by unanimous decision

The fact that we're on the same team didn't affect our fight in any way. We rarely saw each other, and we didn't train together. During the preparation we were specially separated and assigned to different floors. I was preparing for a heavy fight, because about a year ago I worked with Vladislav in sparring and knew what kind of opponent he is. I took this fight very seriously, though I started preparing for it in just a month. I was boxing ten rounds for the first time, and after the first three or four rounds I realized that my tactics was not quite right for this opponent. I worked the distance and did not take many punches, after these rounds, I started to move more on my legs, release more punches and stopped jumping on my opponent. Basically, everything was enough, and I won. Thanks to the coach for the guidance, he knew what to do and our goal. Some muscles hurt now, but I hope there are no injuries, so I heal the wounds and go on to new victories.

Nikita Kuznetsov defeated Breilor Teran by TKO, round 6

Nikita Kuznetsov: “I am disappointed that Evgeny Chuprakov refused this fight”
Russian Nikita Kuznetsov commented on the victory over a boxer from Venezuela Breilor Teran by TKO:

My opponent didn't surprise me in any way. The fight was an easy walk for me. The opponent was uncomfortable in some moments, but we found the key to him. He refused to fight in the sixth round, but if he hadn't, I would have knocked him out in the seventh round. Breilor had eighteen defeats, that's not a level at all, it was just difficult to find an opponent a week before the fight. We sent requests to five countries, different boxers, and thanks to the Venezuelan man for agreeing, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten into the ring. The goal was not to defeat him by knockout; on the contrary, I wanted to test my strength after Uzbekistan and carry the fight to the end. But still, thank God I won. I am disappointed that Evgeny Chuprakov refused this fight, I wish him a speedy recovery and let him sign the contract for the fight with me. I will rest for now, but in December I want to have another fight.

Asror Vokhidov defeated Davit Hovhannisyan by TKO, round 6

Boxer from Tajikistan Asror Vokhidov commented on the victory over the fighter from Armenia Davit Hovhannisyan by technical knockout:

I was preparing for it. I knew that the opponent was persistent and never lost by knockout, I was purposefully preparing to win ahead of schedule. If I had listened to the coach before, I would have finished the fight earlier. But still very satisfied with the fight. The training took place in St. Petersburg and was very carefully prepared, including we visited Davit's fights here at the Academy. Now I will wait for promoters to offer, I had a long break of two years and I want to catch up as soon as possible.


Magomed Kurbanov defeated Sardor Muzaffarov by majority decision

Magomed Kurbanov: "The fight was equal, you could win both sides.
Russian boxer Magomed Kurbanov commented on the victory over a boxer from Uzbekistan Sardor Muzaffarov by majority decision

The fight was very hard, the opponent was very stubborn. In general, Sardor did not surprise me, I was ready for everything. To be honest, the fight was equal, the victory could be given in both sides. After the sixth round I changed tactics, started to hit more accurately and earn points. I didn't box for six months and eight rounds at once, it wasn't very easy. I will not say that I am pleased with the bout, but every victory has to be rejoiced at. I will work on my mistakes and continue my career. I box for the second time in Yekaterinburg, I trained for a week at the Academy and I like the conditions here. I would like to thank our President of the Boxing Federation Maxim Zhukov for his support of the athletes, he did a lot to make me come here to fight. In the future, I plan to earn the initial title and begin to have big fights.

Vasily Voytsekhovsky defeated Konstantin Piternov by unanimous decision

Vasily Voytsekhovsky: "I'm ready, I'm loaded, I'm young and handsome, so we're going to tear everything apart on our way
Vasily Voitsekhovsky commented on the victory over Konstantin Piternov by unanimous decision: 

A lot of emotions after the battle, as the load fell from the shoulders. This is my third attempt to go into the ring in the professional. The first was in winter, but I had an operation. Then the fight was supposed to be in June, but the tournament was cancelled and finally I had a fight only now. Thanks to my promotion company "Raty", which gave me the opportunity to fight and coach Efremov Valery. Of course, there were some mistakes, but we will continue to work to prevent them from happening in the future. I think that lack of experience affected me, I've only been boxing for four years, I'm a kickboxer in the past. I found out about the opponent a week before the fight, there were about six of them, but I agreed with everyone. Konstantin has a very good score of forty-two fights. It was a good thing I got it out with my right side. I knew that the opponent would be hard, and so it turned out. I am glad that it was over, I missed my family. Now I am ready for any fight. I'm loaded, I'm young and handsome, so we'll tear everything up in our path. Today I’ve done a Big drama show and I hope everyone enjoyed it!

Arstan Umbitkulov defeated Ivan Skripachev by  unanimous decision

Boxer Arstan Umbitkulov commented on the victory over Ivan Skripachev by unanimous decision:

I am very glad that I won. Not everything that the coach required was completed, but the result of the bout is my victory. I recognized the opponent in advance, so I had a chance to prepare qualitatively for the fight. I want to thank the coach and the whole team for their help. As I expected, the opponent was strong and I am glad that I was able to pass this challenge. Now I want only one thing - to rest.

Zafar Parpiev defeated Bakhit Abdurahimov by by unanimous decision

Zafar Parpiev: "I always go into the ring with one hundred percent confidence in my victory.
Zafar Parpiyev, a boxer of the RCC Academy of Martial Arts, commented on the victory over a boxer from Uzbekistan Bakhit Abdurahimov by the unanimous decision: 

Thank Lord that everything went as planned and successfully completed. The training process lasted two months, went into the ring with one hundred percent confidence. I prepared in the mountains in Kislovodsk, and then at the RCC Academy of martial arts. There was a small injury, due to which I missed a week of sparring, but in general everything is fine. I always go into the ring with one hundred percent confidence in my victory, I do not know anything about the opponent on purpose. The first round I test him, and then I understand his technique and lead the fight to victory. I've always had ten rounds fights, and this one is a warm-up for me in six rounds. In November, I want to defend the IBF Asia title, I hope everything will be ok.

Ivan Nikonov defeated Ali Turgunaliev by TKO, round 4

Ivan Nikonov: “Everything happened after the first round, when I started to lose the fight and sports anger woke up”
Russian boxer Ivan Nikonov commented on victory over boxer from Uzbekistan Ali Turgunaliev by technical knockout:

This is just my second fight and the impressions are very bright, apparently, I have not yet joined the professional atmosphere to the end. The opponent was very uncomfortable, my first opponent was much easier and not so mobile. And Ali is a fast guy and a half kilogram less than me. In the first round, I did not finish it a bit, but then I caught his fight and everything worked out. I found out about the opponent in three weeks, but I still couldn't make out his technique. We did not find his fights on the Internet. Today he had his debut fight, and from his amateur career I knew only that he competed at the Uzbekistan championship and that's all. I want to do my best in every fight and win ahead of schedule, but in this fight, I did not expect such an outcome. Everything happened after the first round, when I began to lose the fight and woke up sports anger.

Vladislav Freze vs. Sergey Fantarov. The fight ended in a majority draw

Vladislav Freze: "I won three rounds."
Vladislav Freze commented on the result of the fight with Sergey Fantarov, which ended in a draw:

I don't agree with the result of the fight, I don't want a rematch. I won three rounds. The first one may have lost, but the others I took exactly. The opponent was a wild card for me, it was his debut. His amateur career was a good one, which made itself felt during the fight. In general, what I expected from him, he showed everything in the ring. I was preparing for five months, the last fight for me ended unsuccessfully - by knockout. After that, there were long recovery procedures, and now I'm back on board. I want to have the next fight in December.

Ilya Balandin defeated Vitaly Kotov by a split decision

Ilya Balandin: "For me, it's a new experience to go into the ring without preliminary sparring."
Boxer Ilya Balandin commented on the victory over Vitaly Kotov by split decision

The fight was hard, not as planned. The preparation was a month and a half and it was good for a four-round fight. A distinctive feature of the preparation for this fight is the almost complete absence of sparrings. Sparring is very important in preparation, but for me it was a new experience to go into the ring without this component. My opponent was an interesting one, he is a debutant in professionals, and he is a very experienced and award-winning athlete by amateurs. We watched the opponent's fights, but it was still very difficult to adjust to him, because he moves well and has fast hands. I was at the RCC Academy of Martial Arts for the first time six months ago on sparrings. And for me, a guy from a small town, then it seemed like something cosmic.

Khaibula Musalov defeated Evgenii Tershukov  by TKO, round 3


Evgenii Liashkov defeated Armen Arutyunov by unanimous decision

Evgenii Liashkov: «The opponent was a difficult one, 'it was his first fight in professionals, but he is also the European kickboxing champion»

Evgenii Liashkov, a boxer of the RCC Academy of Martial Arts, commented on the victory over Armen Arutyunov by the unanimous decision:

The fight was good, there's work to be done, and I'm willing to do it. The opponent was a difficult one, 'it was his first fight in professionals, but he is also the European kickboxing champion, so we didn't know how he would work. We started to prepare for the fight in a month at the Academy under the leadership of Mirkhakim Saburov and Komlev Georgy. Now I want to rest and see with coaches where I can continue to perform.


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