Press conference before the tournament that will take place on February 18th

There took place an official press conference of organizers and participants of the international Boxing and MMA Gala-show, which starts in Chelyabinsk at the arena “Traktor” on February, 18. The tournament will be dedicated to Fatherland Defender Day. It will be held with the support of the Governor of Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky, Russian Copper Company and “Ariant” company. The main organizer of the show is RCC Boxing Promotions (Titov Boxing Promotions). 
Today’s morning boxers of the main fight of the tournament – Ivan Shtyrkov from Yekaterinburg and his rival Rodney Wallance, met for the first time before appearing on the ring. Muay thai boxer Khayal Dzhaniev from Chelyabinsk informed about the cancellation of the bout with a boxer from France. 
At the beginning of the press conference the main organizer of Gala-show Aleksey Titov, executive director of RCC Boxing Promotions, warmly welcomed mass media representatives and noted positive attitude of people from South Ural to sport events, particularly to single combats. “Bouts will be held in Chelyabinsk, the capital of South Ural after successful, in my opinion, tournament in September, - emphasized Aleksey Titov. – Our new show organized by the company from Yekaterinburg will already take place this Saturday. There is a strong connection between our cities – Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk, South and North Ural. We are true Ural brothers. I feel true male character, strength of mind and courage in Chelyabinsk. People here love sport and I think such important events as our Gala-show are to your city and its citizens’ taste”. 
Sportsmen were also in a good mood. The representative of the USA Rodney Wallance spoke reservedly, through his manager, but Russian boxer of the main bout Ivan Shtyrkov looked more confident and didn’t hide his desire to appear on the ring. “I’m in Chelyabinsk not for the first time, - said Ivan. – I will fight again in your city. I want to show spectacular bout that everyone will like. Come here because it’s very important to enrich yourself with such events, revive with energy”. Ivan was asked whether it’s the time to fight with such serious and much more experienced rivals and his answer was negative. He said “well, it’s the time”. 
It’s worth adding that Ivan Shtyrkov makes a very successful career achieving new and new results. Today 8 won fights, besides 7 he won ahead-of-time, are under his belt. In the arsenal of defeated by him rivals there is also the legend of MMA Jeffrey Monson. 
Disturbing news was announced to Muay Thai fans at the press conference. Europe Champion among Muay thai professionals Khayal Dzhaniev from Chelyabinsk said that the planned fight with Johane Beausejour would not happen. He refrained from further commentaries. As a reason the organizing committee mentioned problems with visa of French part. 
As present at the conference managers of Muay thai Federation of Russia noted, every effort is being made to keep the fight of Khayal Dzhaniev on the home ring and show the work of the sportsmen to fans. The search of another rival is held. Spectators will definitely see Muay thai boxer on the ring at the arena “Traktor” on February,18. 
Meanwhile preparations for Gala-show are going on. Today’s evening residents of South Ural capital will be able to see athletes and even learn their mastery. An open training of boxers starts at 18.00 in north-west, at the mall “Focus”. Especially for this event a ring is already fixed there. In some hours Ivan Shtyrkov and Khayal Dzhaniev will appear on it. 
Tomorrow at 17.00 all boxers of the Gala-show program will go through the obligatory weight-in procedure. The organizing committee also decided to do it in public with free entrance for spectators. It will be possible to see all the sportsmen without any exceptions who will fight for the victory on Februaty,18 at the arena

“Traktor”, at 14.00 at the mall “Focus” (Moldavskay st,16). 
Let’s add that during Gala-show there will take place 11 bouts in professional boxing, Muay thai and MMA. 5 bouts will be for title. The live broadcast of the tournament is available on Youtube, on the channel of RCC Boxing Promotions. 

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