Sergey Kovalev and Anthony Yarde had an open training session

Sergey Kovalev and Anthony Yarde had an open training before the fight for the WBO title, which will take place this Saturday, August 24 at the ice arena "Traktor".  

For the first time residents and guests of Chelyabinsk could watch the training of the world's top boxing stars on the stage and screens, which were specially built for the satellite events dedicated to the main show. 

At the end of the training Sergey Kovalev shared his first impressions of the meeting with Anthony Yarde at a press conference yesterday:

«I want to punish him for posting unworthy photos of me. Probably, this is what makes boxing interesting, that someone should approach the fight psychologically. He's setting himself up like that, and I didn't get involved in his trash talking in any other way. Judgment day will be on Saturday, which will show everything. We'll figure it out in the ring».

In addition, he thanked the fans who came to support him two days before the fight and expressed gratitude to his first coaches.

"I'm home. Thank you all so much for coming here. Thank you for what you are, follow and fans of boxing. This is the kind of sport that led me to the point where I am now. I always remember my coaches - Sergey Vladimirovich Novikov and Vladimir Viktorovich Roshchenkov - without whom I wouldn't be what I am today. Thank you for your support. I appreciate, love and respect you"

Anthony Yarde came on stage in a high-spirited mood, accompanied by his coach Babatunde Ajayi, who has been working with him since his amateur career and coaches according to his special authoring method "System 9", where 99% of training takes a psychological attitude. According to Yard, he lives in reality and his reality is fighting and boxing. And his dream is to fight at «Emirates Arena», which is the "home" stadium for the London Arsenal.

Anthony also noted that he was very flattered, knowing that Roy Jones Jr. would be watching his fight.

«This is a great honor for me. Muhammad Ali was a legend, but Roy Jones Jr. - this is the man who has natural talent», - the British boxer commented.

In addition to Kovalev and Yarde, the silver world champion Ilunga Makabu, his opponent Russian Alexey Papin, as well as the strongest heavyweight of Russia Evgeny Romanov and the champion of Argentina and South America Dario German Balmaseda demonstrated their sporting skills.

Recall that the show Kovalev vs Yard will take place in Saturday at the ice arena «Tractor Spectators will see eleven fights, including the title ones. The tournament starts at 17:00 local time.



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