Sergey Kovalev and Anthony Yarde: Face-to-Face and the full results of the press conference.

Today, Ice Arena «Traktor» hosted an official press conference with Sergey Kovalev and Anthony Yarde, who will have a fight for the WBO world title this Saturday In addition, the press conference was attended by Acting Deputy Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region Vadim Evdokimov, Kovalev's manager Egis Klimas and Yarde’s Coach Babatunde Ajayi

Evdokimov was the first to act as the organizer and noted that every victory of Kovalev is a triumph for every resident of the region:

“The Chelyabinsk region and the South Urals are the center of energy power. Here are the Ural Mountains and the country-cities of Arkaim. And only in such a place can integral and purposeful people such as Sergey be born. Of course, we are all very proud of him. When Sergey enters the ring, he always remembers his home region. And his every victory is a triumph of all residents of the Chelyabinsk region. ”

In addition, he recalled that after the announcement of the fight it had been unclear for a long time where the fight would take place and Sergey received a personal call from the head of the region to organize the fight at home:

"As soon as there was an idea to organize the fight, and it was in April, Alexey Texler immediately called Sergey and invited him to fight in Chelyabinsk. We are very proud that Sergey is our countryman. And his fight will be shown on 1 Channel, as well as in another 100 countries. The rights to the show have been purchased by the leading TV companies of Canada, Great Britain and the United States.
It is worth noting that the upcoming fight will be the first in Russia for the Yarde, but as the boxer noted, this does not scare him: “I am pleased to be here. Very beautiful city and hospitable people. And I came here to do my job and am going to enjoy being here. ”

Interestingly, answering a question about posting on social networks, where he "pranks" Sergey Kovalev, Yarde said he respects Kovalev:

“The upcoming fight is a huge experience and a big attitude. Everything will be clear on the night of August 24, when we come together in the ring. I really respect Sergey. He is an experienced, strong and serious boxer who combined all the titles. But I am young and ambitious, I believe in myself and my coach and will do everything to win. I want to end the fight ahead of schedule, by knockout, but first of all I want to stay in the ring myself”

Kovalev's experience was also mentioned by the manager of the Russian boxer


Egis Klimas was speaking about the first three years of cooperation:

"We started working with Sergey in 2009, and in 2012 we signed a contract with a promotion company. We believed in each other ten years ago and started working. And to date, we have created each other. Today, I have 17 people from the former Soviet Union, the guys are good and can become champions.

Sergey said he was getting ready for the unification fights, that's why defending the WBO world title against Yard is a strategic step:

“Before defining an opponent, when I won the title for the third time, and I had time for free and compulsory defense, there were several variants. But I want to combine all the belts. Now in our weight category there are four champions and it is unclear who is stronger. And now we will begin steps towards unification fights, then through the bout or after two, I would be assigned mandatory protection, and this would frustrate all plans. ”

In many ways, this position explains his refusal to fight with Alvarez, whose team proposed to Sergey three weeks ago.

“There was an offer, but here everything was put on the rails. Active preparations were underway for the tournament, advertisements hung, tickets were on sale, but I would have taken and “jumped off”. And how then to look into the eyes of fellow countrymen? ”- Sergey commented the situation.


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