Sergey Kovalev has flown to Chelyabinsk to fight with Yarde

Russian boxer Sergey Kovalev, who will defend the WBO world light heavyweight champion title on August 24, has flown to Chelyabinsk.

«The training camp in Moscow was great, today is the first day of rest. Before that, all the days were training days. Last week I had one training a day, all according to plan, - said Kovalev right in the arrivals hall. - There is no excitement. I has flown home, missed my friends and relatives, everything that surrounded me while I lived here». 

In the next three days Sergey will have to take part in several events at once - from a press conference to weigh-in before. Despite the busy schedule of official events, the boxer will have to hold several more trainings.

«In the next three days, I'm gonna have some easy training. I will adjust the weight and start to recover», - Kovalev said about the nearest plans.

Together with Sergey the all team of the Russian boxer arrived to the capital of the Southern Urals, including coach James McGirt, for whom it is the third visit to Russia and the first visit to native city of Kovalev. As Sergey noted, the first excursion is scheduled for today: "Now we are going to go to the hotel and we are all on the way. I’m going to show where I lived after moving from Kopeysk - it's a dormitory of a tractor plant at 4 Lenin Street, and a communal on Savina Street".

It should be noted that Anthony Yarde, Kovalev's opponent, arrived in Chelyabinsk yesterday and has already published his first interview in Instagram. In general, Yarde is quite actively "attacking" Kovalev in social networks, posting various photos, where he knocks out his future opponent.  Sergey reacts quite restrainedly to it. However, today he said that he’s going to get Yarde into place.

«He calls himself a lion, but I'd say he's a little lion. I am ready to reeducate him. Because of my experience, I calmly perceive it - there were a lot of them. But he too can be understood. Let's put it back, he's got a lot of unpleasant things to post in Instagram. You don't have to bother at all, it's his business and his right», - Sergey said.

Recall that the Kovalev vs. Yarde show will take place next Saturday at the Ice Arena «Traktor». In addition to the main fight, there will be ten more fights, including the titles.  The tournament starts at 17:00 local time.

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