Sergey Kovalev commented the victory over Anthony Yarde by TKO. 

Sergey Kovalev commented the victory over Anthony Yarde by TKO. 

I'm really glad you liked the fight, I'm a little tired. It was my second preparation for this fight, so I «swam» a little, but I was able to catch the spirit of the fight and still got the victory. Thank God it worked out. The real support was the native walls, thank you very much for that to everyone. I am very happy and grateful that one day I came to boxing. I didn't expect an easy fight, I imagined it would be a long fight, to be honest, I was a little surprised that I punched him, initially counting on 12 rounds. In my experience, I didn't let him shoot me down. I really want to face with Alvarez, and if he also wants to, I'm in. 
Fighting in your hometown is unbelievably cool. I want to open my knockout school here and I will definitely do it. For 36 years I have no time to rest, ahead of grandiose plans. Today was one of the five fights that I've planned for my career, four more remained. I wish Yarde a great future, he does not give up, but it all depends on his motivation.

Ilunga Makabu defeated Aleksei Papin by majority decision.


Ilunga Makabu commented the victory over Russian Aleksei Papin by majority decision.

“First of all, I want to say thank you for inviting me to Russia. Thanks to RCC Boxing Promotions for bringing me back to Russia, thanks to my team. People think that boxing exists only in America or Great Britain, but organizers of this tournament proved that there is boxing in Russia. I really like Alexey Papin, he is a good boxer, but he missed the main thing If you're fighting for the title, you have to attack. When I fought with Kudryashov, I attacked because he defended his title. In this case, I defended my title, and Papin should have been more aggressive”



Evgeny Romanov defeated Dario German Balmaceda by TKO.


Russian boxer Evgeny Romanov commented the victory over Argentinian Dario Balmaceda by TKO.

«After the victory, I felt very great joy, because I really wanted to go home. We went through a good preparation and were a little tired, mainly psychologically, of course, therefore it is good that everything ended quickly and we will fly home tomorrow. I tuned in all rounds, you can’t plan a quick ending. I was in no hurry, I worked in a calm manner, I tried to do what I practiced, it turned out what worked. The opponent had many fights, he has a lot of experience, I have only 13 fights, he has 33, a boxer of this level can go the whole distance and knock out at any time. I was preparing in America, and arrived in Chelyabinsk for a week finalized and into fight. Now I want to rest for a month and start preparing again, maybe the bout will be at the end of the year.»


Eduard Skavynskyi defeated Idd Pialari by TKO.


Eduard Skavynskyi commented the victory over Idd Pialari by TKO.

«Lightness from the work done is the first thing I felt after the victory. You did the work that was supposed to be done by a certain percentage, and if it is one hundred, then you are completely satisfied. I can say that I am in a good mood now, I have done my work by 80%. I prepared for this fight for a long time. now I am happy that I won, that I am healthy, that my family is waiting for me at home. I expected the opponent to give me more impact, more movement, more punches, but he chose a different tactic and could not stand my pressure. Always the strongest wins».


Erzhan Turgumbekov defeated Heorhii Lashko by unanimous decision.

Ural boxer, Erzhan Turgumbekov commented the victory over Heorhii Lashko’s current the EBP champion.

«Honestly, the preparation for the fight was hard, if you remember, I did not box successfully a month ago, the result was a draw. After that, after 4 days of rest, I was offered a fight in 10 rounds, I never even had 8 rounds, but agreed, took a risk. I was hoping for God, for the team and for myself. The opponent is in the top 100 of the world ranking, I was not even in the top 300, but thanks to God and my hard work it all worked out. I would like to thank the RCC Academy of Martial Arts, Altushkin Igor Alekseevich and the whole team. In the near future I want only one thing - to have a rest, perhaps, I will hold one more fight this year, but then about it».



Javokhirbek Karimov defeated Dmitry Ryzhikh majority decision.


Javokhirbek Karimov commented the victory over Dmitry Ryzhikh by majority decision.

«This is my first big tournament, I'm very glad I won. The opponent was strong and tall, which is uncomfortable for me, but I have proved that I am the best here. I had fought six rounds in my past fight, so I was used to it. I was completely satisfied with the fight. For Dmitriy it was his debut, and I think that's why he couldn't build a more precise tactic. I didn't watch any of his fights, so he was a roughie to me. I want to say thank you to everyone who is next to me and who is cheering for me. Next month I`m going to the Philippines for training camp, we`ll plan more fights».



Alexey Tukhtarov defeated  Grigory Varasyan by split decision


Ural boxer Alexey Tukhtarov commented the victory over Grigory Varosyan by split decision.

«I liked the fight; everything went according to plan. The first round worked to defend, took more, warmed up, then began to increase the pace and won. Four rounds, of course, it was unusual to box, accelerate for a long time, it's hard. When they called me and offered this fight, I didn’t ask anything, I agreed without question. For the opportunity to fight in the same show with Kovalev, I would go into the ring for free. He is my example, he achieved everything himself. I am from Kamensk-Uralsky, so it was doubly pleasant to be here, friends came to support me. I want to wish the opponent good luck, he is a good fighter. Late, of course, he went to the professionals, but it’s not scary, now it’s going to disperse and everything will be fine».


Meiirim Nursultanov defeated Artur Osipov by unanimous decision.


Boxer from Kazakhstan Meiirim Nursultanov commented the victory by unanimous decision over the Russian fighter Artur Osipov.

«I feel great, I think I worked well on the whole, in the last round, of course, not very well. I thought Artur would go ahead, but he started to run away, it's a good thing I had a tactic for that option, and I used it. Satisfied in 8 out of 10 rounds, I didn't like the last two rounds. It was my first ten-round fight, and there's more to work on. I can honestly say that I was 75-80% ready for this fight, alas not 100%.  I was preparing in America and Moscow, everything as planned. Now I'm in the top 10 of IBF and I hope to have another fight for the continental title by the end of the year to get into the top 3».


Azizbek Abdugofurov defeated Gasan Gasanov by TKO, round 4.


Malaysian boxer Azizbek Abdugofurov commented the victory over Russian boxer Gasan Gasanov by TKO, round 4.

«We boxers are used to going into the ring, having prepared well for this exit. But when you prepare for one opponent, and as a result of it change it is difficult. My opponent was heavy in weight, so I checked it for the first round, I took control of the second round, and began to win in the third round. The opponent was a heavier than I expected, so I did not think about an early victory, I just wanted to show a beautiful fight. I want to bring as many belts as possible to Uzbekistan, to glorify my hometown.»



Akzhol Sulaimanbek Uulu defeated Milner Marcano by knockout, round 2 at 32 sec.


Ural boxer Akzhol Sulaimanbek Uulu commented the victory over Venezuelan fighter Milner Marcano by knockout.

«My opponent changed three times, had to box with an African, but he refused at the last minute. Marcano's fights didn't look before, didn't know his technique, tactics, nothing about him at all, just went into the ring to do my job.  I had plans to won ahead a schedule. I was preparing for the fight for two months, the first stage was a physical training and the second - technique and tactics. I trained in Ekaterinburg, at the RCC Academy of Martial Arts, there are ideal conditions for training. In general, this is the fourth time I am defending this title, now I want a new title, preferably a world champion».


  Enriko Gogokhia defeated Rafael Harutyunyan on 2 round by TKO.


Georgian boxer Enriko Gogokhia commented victory over Rafael Harutyunyan on the second round by TKO.

I did not understand what happened. I was going to fight all eight rounds, but here the victory, of course, was obvious, I had to win. I wanted to show boxing skills, but he missed and fell. Everyone saw everything. he first round was a bustle I didn't like, but the opponent behaved as expected, and I knew that Rafael couldn't hold out all rounds. Preparing for the fight was very hard, because I live in America and, accordingly, I'm preparing there, because of the time difference it was hard. I have plans to rest now for a couple of weeks and then become an absolute world champion.

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