Yaqubov knocked out John Gemino in the main fight of the RCC Boxing Promotions show

Yaqubov knocked out John Gemino in the main fight of the RCC Boxing Promotions show

The main fight of the evening began in a very calm manner. Yaqubov is a very cold-blooded and thinking boxer, so he tried different options for attacks, looking at the reaction of Gemino.

And if the first round was in reconnaissance, the second round saw boxers boost their speed. Muhammad Yaqubov squeezed the opponent by the ropes and caught him with a blow to the corps, which was the last one in this fight - John Gemino fell into knockout and it took him more than two minutes to get up. 

For Muhammad Yaqubov the victory was the 14th in his professional career.

Muhammad Yaqubov, a boxer of the RCC Academy of Martial Arts, commented on the victory over the Philippine fighter John Gemino by knockout.

«I did not have time to get tired, the whole fight went according to plan. expected a knockout. I was preparing hard and thanks to that my team got such a result. The preparation for the fight was about four months, initially the fight was planned on June 16 because of this lasted so long, but what a success has happened now. I want to thank my coach, he is very cool, as well as coach Nikolay Popov and the whole team. The preparation was hard, so in the near future plans to rest».

Roldan Aldea won an early victory over Mikhail Alekxeev

The first round was sighting and positional. Alekxeev took the center of the ring, but did not go into hard attacks, limiting himself to single punches. In this case, the Filipino boxer did not hesitate and threw a large number of punches.

By the end of the second round Mikhail Alekxeev gained confidence and started working on a short distance. Nevertheless, the Filipino was ahead of his opponent in every move, and ten seconds before the gong Alexeyev was on the brink of knockdown.

After the break, Aldea rushed to finish Alekxeev off, but he suffered more than a minute's onslaught. By the fourth round, Alekxeev had "come to life", started to work more dangerously and went ahead. Aldea tried to keep the Russian boxer jabs, but he left all his forces in the first half of the fight, and Alexeyev repeatedly clamped down his opponent at the ropes.

Filipino boxer Roland Aldea commented on the knockout victory over Ural fighter Mikhail Alekxeev. 

«Very difficult fight, very difficult opponent, he's very strong. I did not expect such a result, but I prepared my left hand well. Two and a half months I was preparing for this fight, and it took place. Now I plan to rest for two weeks and start preparing for the next fight»

Mark Urvanov defeated Filipino Marco Demeсillo by unanimous decision

Urvanov immediately started to use his growth advantage and hang over his opponent. Mark did not attack, but simply moved around Demeсillo, forcing the Filipino to be the first to attack. By the second minute of the fight, the distance between boxers had shrunk - Urvanov started to work on the middle distance, throwing away a crazy series of blows.

In the second round, Urvanov hit his opponent hard several times, and each time Demicillo was on the border of a knockdown, but the Filipino survived and in the third half went ahead, counting on one punch.4

After the middle of the fight, the bout went more smoothly. The Philippine continued to press on, and Urvanov moved perfectly in the ring and it was he who dictated the fight. Nevertheless, Demeсillo used any pause in the Russian boxer's attacks for dense attacks.

The Philippine boxer's tactics brought success in the second minute of the seventh round - right side Demesillo reached Urvanov's head, and the Russian boxer was knocked out. After that moment, Mark clung to the opponent and began to systematically kicked Demeсillo's head.

As a result, the fight took place in all eight rounds, and Mark Urvanov won the spectacular fight by unanimous decision

Mark Urvanov’s a boxer of the RCC Academy of Martial Arts, commented on the victory by unanimous decision over Filipino Marco Demeсillo. 

«Everything was under control. In general, except for the knockdown, the fight was easy. In the end, I didn't follow it a little bit and got a punch. It was good that we managed to recover quickly. Somewhere, perhaps, he lost his concentration. I kind of remember and at the same time do not remember this blow. Most likely, he stepped back, put his hands down and got it. I thought that the opponent would fly in the eighth round, but failed. He is well done, patient. Yes, he does not know much, but he has a strong blow, during the bout. I naturally forgot about it. The preparation was very hard, almost three and a half months, after which I need to rest. Now I will have a week of rest, and I will start preparing for the next fight, it is planned for September».

Ruslan Kamilov defeated South African Rofhiwa Maemu

Kamilov started the fight in an interesting manner - he immediately took the center of the ring, stood on his feet, forcing the South African to move in a circle. At the same time, he put his hands down and started throwing out single jabs, occasionally exploding in long series.

In the second round Rofhiva Maemu added that he started to sit down under Kamilov and shorten the distance. Kamilov was ready for such a scenario, and each opponent's attack sank in defense or was practiced by the corps. In addition, each episode of rapprochement Kamilov worked out with an appercut. It is worth noting that several times Maemu squeezed the Russian at the ropes and worked well on the body and head.

By the fifth period, Kamilov felt that Maemu "waved" and turn up pressure. Interestingly, Kamilov aimed at knocking out a blow and forgot about the blows to the corps - the South African was able to regain his breath and in the last two rounds began to act more actively and acutely. Nevertheless, the initiative remained for Ruslan Kamilov, but in the last segment Maemu tightly punched the liver and sent Ruslan Kamilov to the knockdown, and then rushed forward to finish off the opponent, but Kamilov saved the gong, and the decision was left to the judges.

Ruslan Kamilov took his seventh career victory by the unanimous decision.

Russian Ruslan Kamilov commented on the victory over the South African boxer Rofhiwa Maemu by the unanimous decision.

«For 22 years of my boxing career, I was knocked down for the first time today. Of course, it's not surprising in professional boxing, there are such gloves that you almost sleep and so come that it will not seem enough. The opponent passed, but a little signal caught him today. The opponent can't say that it's difficult, I'm sure that such an opponent should pass at this level. It is higher than I am in the rating, so now I can rise to the top at his expense. The preparation took place in Ekaterinburg, initially I was preparing for the fight on July 29 in Chelyabinsk, but the tournament was cancelled and we decided to postpone the fight here. We are planning to have a rest. I had my third training now, I'm really tired, I want to go to the sea with my family, have a rest and come back with new strength».

Vokhidov wins with a technical knockout by Murad Rabadanov

Vokhidov immediately went ahead, crushing Rabadanov with hard blows. The Russian boxer did not close down and went ahead himself, sitting under the opponent.  At the end of the second minute of the round, Arsor hit the side very well, and Rabadanov was on the verge of knockdown, but the referee did not stop the fight, and Vohidov continued to press, but the remaining minute was not enough for an early victory.

The second stage came under the same scenario and on the second minute Vohidov hit again tightly, and this time Rabadanov fell into a knockdown. It has become clear that Vokhidov's early victory is a matter of time. Thirty seconds before the end of the round, Rabadanov was knocked out again, and the athlete's corner refused to continue the fight.

«The first emotion is joy. I was setting up for a long distance, but it turned out that I finished in the second round. I caught the opponent on a mistake, he was too fast. We prepared very hard, I want to thank our coach Vladimir, he is a cool coach. We plan to combine amateur and professional boxing. I`m going to the Olympics Games, I hope very much that everything will work out».

The judges couldn't figure out the winner in the fight between Turgumbekov and Karimov. 

The fight began with tactical work - both boxers sit down in search of options for rapprochement, look closely, but they act very sharply. By the end of the first round Turgunbekov took the center of the ring, but Karimov quietly moved around the opponent and did his job.

The next two rounds the Ural boxer worked as number one, and Karimov continued to walk around his opponent. At the same time, both Turgumbekov and the Turkish boxer were attacked. In the third round Karimov himself struck a side kick, and he was on the verge of knockout, but withstood. Turgumbekov did not develop success, but continued to box at the same speed.

Interestingly, the first clinch in the match happened only in the fourth round - fatigue began to affect. Only by the sixth round Karimov began to move more slowly than his opponent, and Turgmbekov began to take part in almost all attacks.

In six rounds, the result of the fight was a draw (58:56, 57:57, 57:57) by the majority of judges.

Erzhan Turgumbekov, a boxer of the RCC Academy of Martial Arts, commented on the fight with Javihirbek Karimov from Turkey, which ended in a draw. 

«In the first two rounds, I did a reconnaissance to assess the weaknesses and strengths of the opponent. In the next rounds, it seemed to me that I had everything under my control. After the fight I did not understand why the decision was delayed for so long, like I won, but it turned out like this. I disagree with the judges' decision. I would like a rematch, ready anytime, anywhere. We had about a month of preparation and initially we were preparing for the title fight in Germany, but for some reason we couldn't go, so we didn't miss an opportunity and came to this tournament. I know my opponent, a good boxer, he has great achievements in terms of amateurs. We are planning to have a rest and decide what to do next».

Adleiba won the eighth victory in a row

The fight started in a very calm manner. Adleiba took the initiative, but the first minute he worked only jabs. Then Soh Fonkou took the center of the ring and began to press Adleiba against the ropes. As a result, the first round was held in a kind of "swing". 

Then the picture of the fight was different - Adleiba changed the stand, began to provoke the opponent to attack and knocked out the Cameroonian with the left hook. Until the end of the period, Adleiba did everything to win early, but Guerin Soh Fonkou withstood the onslaught of his opponent.

It became obvious that Igor Adleiba found his distance and the opponent's weak point - time after time he tries to hide the left side in various combinations, forcing the opponent to move along the ropes. Nevertheless, Soh Fonkou snapped back quite aggressively at every opportunity, preventing Igor from gaining momentum.

In the fifth round, Adleiba was marked with a clear hit, and the judge began to count a standing knockdown to Cameroonian. But he recovered quickly and went ahead himself. As a result, the final round went on the counter-course at a very high pace. 

Igor Adleiba took victory in this fight by unanimous decision

Igor Adleiba commented on the victory over Cameroonian Guerin Soh Fonkou by a unanimous decision

«I understood that it would be hard to win, but everything went well. Of course, not five plus, but a solid four can be bet. After the fight, of course, there will be work on mistakes, because I have a place to grow. The training took place here in Yekaterinburg. My coach and I had a task to switch to a more striking style and everything worked out. Thank Lord everything went without injuries, now I'll have two weeks off and start to train again, to prepare for the next fight. In September there will be another fight, so far this is all I can say. The president of our country presented me a car, for which I am very grateful and I want to say that this is an additional motivation for me on the way to new victories».

Nikonov successfully debuted in the professional ring

Karen Avetisyan immediately went ahead, hitting his opponent with a few accent punches. Nikonov took on the role of the second number and gained momentum only in the middle of the stretch. Nikonov moved faster, but did not force the events and acted very carefully, apparently, given the professional experience of Avetisyan.

Nikonov had enough time for the first three minutes to feel confident in the professional ring, and in the second part he began to act more boldly. Avetisyan stopped keeping up with his opponent's speed and started working on counterattacks.  

By the middle of the fight, Nikonov had taken the initiative and started to build up the speed, sometimes allowing himself to give up after the kick. At one such moment, Avetisyan got a good kick from underneath, but the debutant did not seem to feel the blow.

In the final round, Avetisyan closed down and left in defense. Nikonov, in his turn, started looking for options for knockout, but the winner of the fight was determined by the referees. The unanimous decision of the judges was taken by the Ural boxer Ivan Nikonov.

Ivan Nikonov commented on the victory over Karen Avetisyan by a unanimous decision 

«It was my debut, and frankly, I was waiting for another result. I thought it would be something like amateur boxing, but today even before the fight there was a different feeling and when I got into the ring I realized that I was in a completely different atmosphere. It was harder than amateurs. I did not expect this from an opponent, I knew that he was experienced, but I thought it would be easier. It was hard to get close to him, to find an approach. Persistence and strength of spirit helped me win. I prepared only with the coach, without additional support. We were preparing as for amateur boxing. There are plans to train hard, because the offer of fight can come at any moment and you need to be ready».

Mukhammad Shekhov knocked out Dostonbek Uljaboev in the second minute of the first round

The fight began with Shekhov's tight attacks - he was actively moving around Uljaboev, who did not have time for the Ural boxer. As a result, the fight ended in the second minute - after a clean hit, the boxer from Uzbekistan was in a heavy knockdown. It's worth noting that Uljaboev got up, but Judge Viktor Panin stopped the fight anyway, and the boxer's protest noted that health is more important.

Russian Mukhammad Shekhov commented on the victory by TKO over a fighter from Uzbekistan Dostonbek Uljaboev. 

«Did I expect such a quick outcome? It's boxing. I initially counted on a knockout, of course, I wanted to last at least two rounds to feel everything. But there was a moment that could not be missed in any way.  As for my opponent, I can say that any opponent is dangerous in boxing and any shot can be conceded, so I was still careful. Initially, I had other plans, but offered this fight, and I decided not to miss this opportunity. Thanks to coach Andriy Napolskikh, who always keeps me in shape, I'm ready to go out and box at any time».

Evgenii Liashkov defeats Beimbet Esov by the unanimous decision 

The fight began with heavy exchanges of blows - and Lyashkov and Esov were invested in each kick, and the first round turned out to be quite impressive. Interestingly, both boxers received instructions from their cutmen to slow down the speed of the fight and distribute the forces over the entire distance.

In the second half of the fight Liashkov increased the speed, forcing the opponent to come closer more often. The Ural team's tactics paid off almost immediately - Esov misses a lot and loses his strength.

By the final stretch it became clear that Esov could only be saved by a knockout, but Liashkov was much fresher and brought the fight to a decision - the judges unanimously gave the victory to him.

Ural boxer Evgenii Liashkov commented on the victory over Beimbet Esov by the unanimous decision 

«It was a good fight, now I feel a little tired. In general, the task was completed, but not completely. There were a lot of unnecessary missed kicks, there was something to work on. The opponent is patient, did not expect that he would go forward and press. We planned that I would go forward, but it was not quite possible to do it. I want to thank coach Mirkhakim Saburov, Magomed Kurbanov and the whole team for their help in preparing for the fight. The plans for the future are to box, gain fights, win».


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