Kashinsky helps Gassiev in preparation for a fight with Joseph Dawejko

The boxer of the RCC Academy of Martial Arts Yury Kashinsky (18-0) flew to the United States to help Murat Gassiev (26-1) in preparation for the fight with American Joseph Dawejko (19-7-4), which will take place on July 27. For Gassiev, the upcoming fight will be the first in heavy weight.

It is planned that Kashinsky will stay in the U.S. for at least three weeks and, if he is already assigned the next fight, will end the camp in the Sanchez gym. Recall that Kashinsky is in the third line in the IBF and WBA ratings and fourth in the WBO. He has 18 victories and no one defeat. In addition, on June 16, he defeated Olivier Vautrain and won the IBF Intercontinental title.


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