Fight of Muhammad Yaqubov against Jhon Gemino will lead the anniversary RCC Boxing Promotions tournament

Russian boxer Muhammad Yaqubov (13-0) will fight against Philippine Jhon Gemino (20-11-1). The match will take place on July 13 in Ekaterinburg and will lead the thirtieth RCC Boxing Promotions tournament. 

For Yaqubov, the upcoming fight will be the second this year - in February he made his first defense of the WBC International title and strengthened his position in the world organizations WBC (13th position) and IBF (14th position). It should be noted that Yaqubov has been boxing on the professional ring since December 2015 and in two years he reached the status of the Youth WBO World Champion. In just 3.5 years he had 13 fights and won all of them. 

This year Gemino has already twice entered the ring and won the champion title of the largest island of the Philippines Losan, defeating the challenger for the Zoren Pama belt. It is worth noting that the Filipino is ranked sixth out of seventy in the ranking of his country and approaches the fight with Yaqubov with a series of three wins. 

The RCC Boxing Promotions tournament will take place at the RCC Academy of Martial Arts. Besides Muhammad Yaqubov, several other Ural boxers will fight, including Mikhail Alekseev and Mark Urvanov.


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