The IBO World Champion title remains in Ekaterinburg. Shavkat Rakhimov didn’t give a chance for a South African contender.

The professional boxing tournament RCC Boxing Promotions took place in Yekaterinburg, where in the main bout Ural boxer and the IBO world champion Shavkat Rakhimov successfully defended belt and retained the title of the strongest super featherweight boxer (up to 59 kg).

The main fight of the evening between Rakhimov (14-0) and contender on the belt Rofhivoy Maemu (18-8-2) started with the pressure of the South African, and one of the first attacks was quite dangerous, but the Russian boxer survived. Rakhimov began to pick up the pace in the second half, but the opponent moved very well, and Rakhimov constantly struck the body to kill the opponent's breath. In the third round it gave its fruit and a hard blow to the stomach Rakhimov sent the opponent in the first knockdown, the next stage of the picture was repeated - Maemu was again on the floor. As a result, during the break the South African boxer's team decided not to continue the fight.

«I never underestimate my opponents, they also prepare for bout, they want to win. In this fight, I worked mainly in the body, as the African has some kind of reinforced head, but the body is definitely not reinforced, » - Shavkat Rakhimov shared after the victory. «I am very pleased with the result of the work done, which we carried out with my trainer. Without it, I would not have achieved such heights. I don’t want to challenge anyone now, but as it seems to me, I’m ready to show myself at a serious global level and to box with the most serious rivals. We must show everyone what I am»


Russian heavyweight Alexey Egorov (8-0) won the IBF International title in the bout against Thomas Oosthuizen (28-3-2) in the co-main fight. In a difficult 10 round fight he did not give a chance to his opponent and took the victory by unanimous decision.

One more Ural fighter Akzhol Sulaymanbek Uulu (14-0) in a fight against Thai man Pipata Chaiporn (46-13-2) successfully defended the WBA Asian title. The fight ended in the eighth round - Akzhol stabbed his opponent twice in knockdown and then knocked him out. 

The fight between Lugansk boxer Edward Skavinsky (10-0) and Hungarian Laszlo Toth (27-5-1) can be called the fight of the evening. In the course of the fight Skavinsky got two cuts, and Toth got a nose injury, as a result, both athletes were in blood from head to toe by the time the winner was announced. The boxer from Lugansk won the victory by a split decision according to the results of eight rounds bout.

Russian boxer Vladislav Krasnoshein (7-0-1) by unanimous decision won the Filipino boxer Jon Estrada (11-6-1). The fight was over the advantage of Krasnoshein, only at the end of the eighth round Estrada pulled the opponent into a fight which the audience met with applause.

Pervouralsk boxer Mark Urwanov (15-2-1) knocked down South African Pfariso Neluvhulani (12-14-2) twice in the second round and after another series of shots forced the referee to stop the fight.
Another international fight ended with the victory of a Russian boxer. Zafar Parpiev (7-1) by unanimous decision won the boxer from Thailand Aran Deepaen (2-1). Interestingly, Diapen was knocked out in the first round, but was able to recover and fought the whole bout.

Boxer from Chelyabinsk Denis Khamatov (5-1) suffered his first defeat. In the fight versus experienced Gasan Gasanov (15-7-1), he tried to impose his boxing, but Gasanov completely outplayed Denis and knocked him down three times in the first round. Khamatov was unable to recover, and at the end of the second round the judge was forced to stop the fight.

Another head-of-time won boxer from Uzbekistan Elnur Abduraimov (4-0). In the second round, he knocked out a more experienced Russian boxer Dmitry Khasiyev (8-2-2).

Russian boxer Muhammad Shekhov (4-0) won by decision over the experienced Andrei Isayeu (30-15) from Belarus. Shekhov completely outplayed his opponent, and Shekhov answered each attack with two, but the Belarusian boxer withstood all the attacks and brought the fight to the final gong.

Andrei Maik (6-0) from St. Petersburg defeated Korean-born Russian Hye Su Khan (5-3-1) by a unanimous decision. The first part of the fight Maik adjusted to his taller opponent and gave Su Khan a chance to be more active, and in the third round he was able to find a convenient distance for himself. As a result, she took the middle and end of the fight, which was enough to win the fight.

Another Russian boxer Vazir Tamoyan (11-2-1) from Kurgan won by points over Mahmud Gaipov (2-1). The fight started without intelligence, none of the boxers wanted to give the initiative. In one of the episodes, Gaipov struck his opponent with a forbidden strike in the groin, for which he received a penalty of one point and was forced to constantly put pressure on him. Tamoyan arranged for the Gaipov’s attacks and brought the fight to the decision of the judges. Interestingly, after the bout, he noted that he was not sure of his victory.

Krasnodar boxer Evgeny Smelov (5-7-1) sent Vladislav Freze into deep knockout (4-1). From the first seconds, the rivals began to show a tough and speedy fight and exchanged good hits, and Freze was close to victory by knockout, but the opponent withstood the blow, and after a few seconds he already got a chance for ahead of schedule victory and used it by sending Frese to a knockout.

The first fight of the tournament between Erzhan Turgumbekov (6-0) and Alexander Kuimchidi (2-2) from Usman ended in the third round. Turgumbekov offered his opponent a very high level of boxing, but Kuimchidi failed. As a result, at the end of the second round he was on the verge of a standing knockdown, but the gong saved him from a long series of blows from the opponent. However, during the break, Kuimchidi's team decided not to continue the fight.


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