RCC Boxing Promotions Evening: Rakhimov, Papin and Sulaymanbek Uulu will have title fights at the RCC tournament

RCC Boxing Promotions Evening: Rakhimov, Papin and Sulaymanbek Uulu will have title fights at the RCC tournament

The RCC professional boxing tournament will take place on March 23 in Yekaterinburg. Three title fights will be held as part of the event. Spectators will see 12 fights with the participation of boxers from Russia, Tajikistan, the Czech Republic, Thailand, South Africa and Hungary. The show will be held at the RCC Academy of martial arts at 16-00.

The current world champion IBO in the category up to 58.96 kg Shavkat Rakhimov (13-0) will have the third title defense in the main fight of the evening. The second number of South Africa, the WBA Pan African champion Rofhiwa Maemu (18-7-2) will be against him in the ring. Maemu approaches the tournament with a series of six wins, and he had the previous fight on December 28, 2018. Rakhimov has a pause in the fights a little bit more - he successfully defended the title, having won an early victory over Robinson Castellanos in August 2018. It is worth noting that Shavkat is in the WBC and IBF ratings, where he occupies the fifth and the sixth lines.

Russian boxer Alexei Papin (10-0) and Vasil Duzar (7-0-1) from the Czech Republic will meet in the co-main fight of the show. Papin take the sixth line of the IBF rating and the fifteenth WBO, he will have to defend the IBF International title. For Duzara, the upcoming fight will become the second title in his career, he won the WBF Intercontinental belt in September 2018 and got the first place in country's ranking. Interestingly, at the amateur level, Alexey Papin became the world and Europe kickboxing champion.

Another title fight will take place between boxers from Kyrgyzstan and Thailand. Akzhol Sulaymanbek Uulu (13-0) will hold the fourth WBA Asia title defense. His rival is the former IBF Pan Pacific belt holder Pipat Chaiporn (46-12-2). Interestingly, Pipat has the IBF Asian champion belt and held several successful defenses.

The IBF Baltic and the WBO Oriental title holder Eduard Skavinsky (9-0) will have their tenth fight in the main tournament card. He will face the first defending welterweight champion of Hungary and UBO Inter-Continental and IBF Inter-Continental belts winner Laszlo Toth (27-4-1) on the eight-round rating bout.

In addition, Russian boxers Alexei Egorov (7-0), Vladislav Krasnoshein (6-0-1) and Sergey Lubkovich (10-0-0) will hold their fights at the tournament. Full card of the tournament will be known soon.


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