Boxer Nikita Kuznetsov is preparing to fight with Filipino Pluto

Russian boxer Nikita Kuznetsov (9-0-2, 4 Ko) from Nizhny Tagil is preparing for the next fight. The rival will be a more experienced boxer, champion of the Philippines Vergil Puton (17-11-2, 8ko). The fight will take place on February 22 in Yekaterinburg at the RCC Boxing Promotions tournament.
Kuznetsov has been performing in the professional ring since 2015, where he has held 11 fights. The Russian boxer held the last fight in Chelyabinsk, there were three titles at stake, but at the end of ten rounds the fight was declared a draw. Now Kuznetsov is in the top 7 strongest boxers of Russia in the category up to 58.97 kg.

His opponent has a more serious experience of fighting - 17 victories and two draws in 30 fights. He became the champion of his country three times. In the pre-last fight, he defended the title, but the judges determined a draw in the fight. Interestingly, Puton has a lot of experience fighting outside of his own country - he has boxed in the UK, South Korea and Japan. The fight in the RCC Boxing Promotion tournament will be his first in Russia.

The tournament will take place in “Uralets” at Bolshakov, 90. Beginning at 17.00


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