An interview with the promising Russian boxer Mikhail Alekseev

Bright and non-defeated lightweight boxer Mikhail Alekseev (8-0, 3 KO), will appear on the ring on November 18 in Yekaterinburg. Mikhail and his rival, Mirzhan Zhaksylykov (10-1, 4 KO) from Kazakhstan, will challenge the WBC Asian Boxing Council Silver title owned by Mirzhan. The 21-year-old Russian told us how the preparation for the bout is going, what he thinks about his rival, how he got involved in boxing and what motivates him to appear on the ring.

When did you start to do sport and why have you chosen boxing?

When I was 10 I started to do acrobatics because I liked that kind of sport, I wanted to be willowy. Then my cousin invited me to do boxing, I accepted his invitation because and at that time I wanted to become strong.

What were your achievements in amateur boxing?

I became a Master of sports in Russia, then I lost interest, my dream was to become a professional boxer and I made my dream a reality.

How did you become a professional boxer?

Alexey Titov (an Executive Director of ‘Titov Boxing Promotions’, - editor’s note) invited me to his team in Yekaterinburg. I won the debut bout, I was very happy and pleased.

What did you achieve in professional boxing?

In May of the same year I won WBO Youth Super Featherweight title.

What motivates you in your professional career, what motivates you to appear on the ring?

I fight for my dream, for my legacy and because I like it. I want to show people that I am worth something. I want to be an example for children.

What advice can you give to young boxers?

Do your work, listen to smart people, believe in yourself, don’t think that you are not able to do something. Remember, you can do it. If not me, than who? Remember, you need to do what you have to in order to do what you want.

How the preparation for the November fight is going?

The preparation is going at 100%. I thank God that everything is ok and there is no injuries. I do my best and prepare my preferred blow. Wait for the surprise on November 18th and you will see how good I am.

How do you evaluate your future opponent Mirzhan Zhaksylykova?

He boxed with my teammate (with Shavkat Rakhimov – editor’s note) and was defeated. However, one needs to remember that he can take a punch and can hit. I am ready for everything and I will break him. If you saw my previous fight (with Romero Duno – editor’s note), then expect the same active bout on November 18. I will add one more defeat to his record.

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