Akzhol Sulaymanbek Uulu defended WBA Asia title and other results of the RCC Boxing Promotions tournament

The professional boxing tournament’s just finished, which was the final for RCC Boxing Promotions in the past year.

In the main fight of the evening Akzhol Sulaymanbek Uulu held the second defense of the WBA Asia title. Filipino John Estrada was his opponent, who has 11 wins, one draw and four defeats. The spectators saw a ten round fight, during the whole fight Estrada tried to knock out a Russian boxer with one punch. But Akzhol tactically competently had fight and won the unanimous decision of judges. After fight he noted, that fight versus Estrada was the hardest, and Jonh surprised him with the physical force and endurance.

In addition, other Russian boxers won victories in their fights: Evgeny Romanov knocked out Gabriel Engem (Spain) in the sixth round, Russian Champion Sergei Vorobyov defeated Adele Adriel by a decision of judges, and Alexander Sharonov knocked out Cameroonian Gerina Soh Fonku in the third round.
Full tournament results:

Akzhol Sulaymanbek Uulu, Russia vs. John Estrada, Philippines.  Akzhol’s win by the decision of the judges.
Evgeny Romanov, Russia vs. Gabriel Engema, Spain. Romanov’s win by knockout in the sixth round.
Sergey Vorobev, Russia vs. Adel Nicholas Adriel, Argentina. Vorobyov’s win by the decision of the judges.
Alexander Sharonov, Russia vs. Guerin Soh Fonku, Cameroon. Sharonov's win by knockout in the third round
Mehdi Abdurashedov, Russia vs. Prince Andrew Laurio, Philippines. Abdurashedov’s win by knockout in the fifth round
Sardor Muzaffarov, Uzbekistan vs. David Hovhannisyan, Armenia. Muzaffarov’s win by unanimous decision
Ilya Balandin, Russia vs. Ahmad Saidov, Russia. Balandin's win by split decision
Vladislav Frese, Russia vs. Royal Alyrzaev, Russia. Frese’s win by majority decision
Denis Khamatov, Russia vs. Daniel Negat, Cameroon. Khamatov's win by unanimous decision
Roman Zakirov, Azerbaijan vs. Karen Avetisyan, Russia. Zakirov’s win by unanimous decision
Gaipov Mahmud, Uzbekistan vs. Artush Hovhannisyan, Armenia. Gaipov's win by unanimous decision

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