WBA Asia title defense and 12 more fights will take place at the RCC Boxing Promotions tournament in December

The RCC Martial Arts Academy Arts will host the fifth professional boxing tournament from RCC Boxing Promotions. There are 26 boxers from Russia, Argentina, Armenia. Uzbekistan, Cameroon, Spain and the Philippines in the card. The tournament will be held on December 8 and will be the last in the past year.

Akzhol Sulaymanbek Ullu is the title holder of WBC Asian and WBA Asia representing the RCC Martial Arts Academy will go to the ring in the main fight. He will defend the title of Asia champion according to the World Boxing Association version. Akzhol has 12 successful fights and 12th place at the WBA rating. His opponent will be Philippine boxer John John Estrada with a record of 11 wins and one draw in 16 matches. For him, the fight with Akzhol will be the first in Russia, before he flighted only in Japan, USA and Philippines.


Акжол Сулайманбек Уллу

Co-main fight will take place in heavyweight. The sixth number of the rating of heavyweights of Russia Evgeniy Romanov (10-0) and the first number of Spain Gabriel Enguema (8-7) will meet at the ring.


Another interesting fight will take place between the Ural boxer Sergei Vorobyov and Argentine Abel Adriel. The Russian made his debut at the professional ring in 2016 and has already held seven successful fights. The Argentine began his career in 2010 and already had 41 fights - 21 won, three judges could not determine the winner.

Full card tournament will be announced later.

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