The new champions of WBO Intercontinental and EBP were identified at the RCC Boxing Promotions tournament

The professional box tournament of RCC Boxing Promotions took place on the 10th November in Ekaterinburg. There were 13 fights between boxers from Russia, Argentina, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, Georgia, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

In the main fight of the evening, the Russian boxer, the participant of the Olympic Games Artem Chebotaryov and an experienced Argentine Javier Maciel met in a ten-round stand-off. Chebotarev outplayed his opponent in both sporting and tactical terms, which allowed him to take his sixth professional career win by unanimous on point and become WBO Intercontinental champion.  

One more title fighting was held between Georgy Chelokhsayev and Gaibatulla Gadzhialiev. The Russian Boxers fought for the EBP belt.  It was one of the best fights at the tournament, all 10 rounds spectators were watching very quality, smart and clean Boxing. The scorecard report was in favor of the more experienced Georgiy Chelokhsayev. And he took the EBP Light welterweight title. 

In the co-main rating fight of the event, performed the well-known Yekaterinburg boxer of the RCC Martial Arts Academy Mark Urvanov, After draw fight with Kuznetsov, which hold in September, Mark needed a breath of fresh air, and he got it in the fighting versus Philippian boxer Aligarbesa.  In the third round he knocked out his opponent.
Moreover, the tournament was interesting not only numbers of boxers and title fights. Young boxers from Uzbekistan, who train under the guidance of the famous coach Joel Diaz, also performed in the framework of the tournament. Both of boxers won their fights ahead of time. Joel Diaz noted that Ekaterinburg warmly welcomed the athletes and highly appreciated the level of organization of the tournament.

Main fight for WBO International title | 10 rounds
Artem Chebotarev, Russia vs. Javier Maciel, Argentina. Chebotarev's victory by unanimous decision

Co-main rating fight | 8 rounds
Mark Urvanov, Russia vs. Giovilito Aligarbes, Philippines. Victory Urvanova technical knockout
Fight for EBF title | 10 rounds
George Chelokhsaev, Russia vs. Gaibatulla Gadzhialiyev, Russia. Victory by unanimous decision
Rating fight | 8 rounds
Sergey Shigashev, Russia vs. Herman Peralta, Argentina. Shigashev's victory by unanimous decision
Rating fight | 6 rounds
Vladislav Kransoshein, Russia vs. Dato Nanama, Georgia. Krasnoshein’s victory by unanimous decision
Rating fight | 8 rounds
Ravshanbek Umurzakov, Russia vs. Kelly Figueroa, Venezuela. Umurzakov's victory by technical knockout in the sixth round
Rating fight | 8 rounds
Ruslan Kamilov, Russia vs. Burgut Khojiboyev, Uzbekistan. Kamilov's victory by unanimous decision
Rating fight | 6 rounds 
Erzhan Turgumbekov, Kyrgyzstan vs. Levan Tsiklauri, Georgia. Turgumbekov's victory by unanimous decision
Rating fight | 4 rounds
Evgeny Lyashkov, Russia vs. Dastanbek Imankaziev, Kyrgyzstan. Victory Imankaziev due to the stop of the battle from the corner of Lyashkov in the second round.
Rating fight | 6 rounds
Muhammad Shekhov, Russia vs. Sherzod Yuldashev, Uzbekistan. Shekhov's victory by technical knockout in the second round
Rating fight | 10 rounds
Vladimir Myshev, Russia vs. Oxar Fico, Hungary. Myshev's victory by technical knockout in the second round.
Rating fight | 10 rounds 
Elnur Abduraimov, Uzbekistan vs. Aelie Mesquita, Hungary. Abduraimov’s victory by TKO in the first round.


Rating fight | 6 rounds  
Mahmud Gaipov (debut), 68 kg, Uzbekistan vs. Iddi Mkvera, TBC, Tanzania. Gaipov's victory by technical knockout in the third round.

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