Mikhail Alexeev’s bout was recognized as the ‘Bout of the year’ among all 20 shows that were held in 2016

Russian lightweight boxer Mikhail Alexeev (9-0, 4 KO) should supposedly have his next bout in April, 2017 in Khanty-Mansiysk during a big boxing show which will be held by RCC Boxing Promotions (Titov Boxing Promotions). Alekseev’s titles (WBO Youth and WBC Asian Boxing Council Silver) will be challenged during this fight. 
On November 18th in the city of Yekaterinburg a 21-year-old Mikhail, born in Pyt-Yakh, made a really dramatic battle in the ring. A 10-round bout with Mirzhan Zhaksylykov (10-1, 4 КО at the time of the bout) from Kazakhstan was recognized as the ‘Bout of the year’ among all 20 shows held by RCC Boxing Promotions (Titov Boxing Promotions) in 2016. 
Already in the 1st round Mikhail Alexeev was knocked down twice but achieved to stand up on his feet till the end of the first 3-minute period. In the next rounds Mikhail showed mettle, was constantly attacking and was able to level the match. The fight was quite spectacular – a boxer from Kazakhstan did not want to give up, but Alexeev stepped up a gear and in the 8th round knocked down Mirzhan. 
In the rest-time between 8th and 9th round Zhaksylykov’s corner refused to continue the fight and Mikhail Alexeev became the winner of the bout and of the WBC Asian Boxing Council Silver lightweight title.

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