RCC Boxing Promotions: The results of the year 2016

The promotion company RCC Boxing Promotions or in Russian language ‘РМК Боксинг Промоушенс’ (RMK Boxing Promotions), the General Director of which is German Titov, can definitely announce the year 2016 as successful. A serious and fruitful work has been done. We have organized and held as much as 20 boxing shows - the number is considerable for the Russian professional boxing. Moreover, the geography of tournaments was not limited by the territory of Russian Federation – boxing shows also took place in USA and Canada. Talking about Russian territory, it is worth mentioning the following cities where the tournaments were held: Sochi, Yekaterinburg, Beloyarskiy, Beresovskiy, Perm, Dzerzhinsk, Chelyabinsk and Omsk. 

Among these 20 shows were tournaments of different size and status: both small and mega-events. A couple of such big events were tournaments on May 6th and July 11th which took place in the Palace of sports. Besides, the main bout in the July tournament was a champion fight for the World light heavyweight titles where the best Russian boxer Sergey Kovalev participated. During the RCC Boxing Promotions’ tournament were held 23 bouts for WBC titles, 10 bouts for WBO titles, 1 bout for WBA and 1 for IBF titles, and 3 bouts for the Champion of Russia titles. 

The RCC Boxing Promotions company (Titov Boxing Promotions) also have made a contribution to the development of new generation of young and promising Russian professional boxers, who with due respect and promotion are able to become famous worldwide. Summing up everything that was done in 2016, we can say with confidence that the last year was very fruitful for the RCC Boxing Promotions and the upcoming year pledges to be no less spectacular.

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