International boxing and MMA tournament

International boxing and MMA tournament

November 18, ‘DIVS’ venue

MMA fights

The tournament was vivid and exciting. We saw 7 boxing and 3 MMA fights. The main event of the evening was a fight between Ivan Shtyrkov and prominent MMA fighter Antonio Bigfoot Silva from Brazil, in whose record there is a win over Fedor Emelianenko.

The main bout of the evening: Bout №10. The MMA fight (over 95 kg): Ivan Shtyrkov from Yekaterinburg (7-0, 7 ahead of time wins) vs Antonio "BIGFOOT" Silva from Campina Grande (19-10-1, 17 ahead of time wins).

Ivan Shtyrkov began a fight in a more active way and realized several punches to the head. The first round finished without ground fighting. In the second round, Ivan Shtyrkov prevailed. He was striking the rival in standing and in par terre positions. Silva barely defended himself, but withstood, though, it seemed that he had no chances.

However, in the third round Bigfoot seized the initiative and powerfully punched Ivan several times. Opponents withstood three rounds for 5 minutes. As a result Ivan Shtyrkov won on points by the unanimous decision of judges. After the battle, the fighters hugged and thanked each other for the bout. Judges' points in this fight: the 1 side judge - 29:28, the 2 side judge - 28:27, the Presiding judge - 29:27.

The presiding judge’s comments about the battle: "Silva dominated in the third round, but if we summarize the points of all three rounds - Ivan clearly won this fight."

Results of other fights under MMA rules:

Bout №1. The MMA fight (up to 93 kg): Mikhail Ragozin from Yekaterinburg (5-2, 5 ahead of time wins) vs. Zarylbek Daniyar Uulu from Osh (3-0, 3 ahead of time wins).

In this fight Mikhail Ragozin won by TKO in the second round (it took him 1 minute and 17 seconds in the second round).

Bout №4. The MMA fight (up to 93 kg): Dmitry Malikhin from Yekaterinburg (Debut) vs. Christian Salmank from Yaounde (3-1, 3 ahead of time wins).

Another fighter from Yekaterinburg Dmitry Malikhin successfully debuted in MMA. He defeated his rival in the first round (2 minutes and 16 seconds) with a chokehold.


Professional boxing

Bout №9. The bout for the vacant WBC Welterweight Silver Interim title (up to 66.7 kg) between Dmitry Mikhailenko, from Slavyansk-na-Kubani ( 21-1, 9 KO) vs Breidis Prescott, from Miami (30-8, 22 KO).

In the main boxing bout of the evening the vacant WBC Welterweight Silver Interim title (up to 66.7 kg) was challenged. Ural boxer Dmitry Mikhailenko with a nickname ‘The Mechanic’ fought with Breidis Prescott from Columbia and won in the 7th round by TKO.


In the first round Prescott knocked down Mikhailenko with left punch, but Dmitry managed to quickly recover and not only continue the fight but also to raise up his speed. With each round the advantage of Mikhailemko was growing, he was constantly attacking and realized many punches. In the 7th round Mikhailenko sent Prescott on the floor with a long left hook. Breidis stood up before the end of referee’s count, but refused to continue the fight.

Bout №8. The fight for the vacant WBO Inter-Continental title (up to 59 kg): Evgeny Chuprakov, from Yekaterinburg (16-0, 9 KO) vs. Jeremy Nakata, from Walvis Bay (11-0, 7 KO).

In another fight for the WBO Inter-Continental lightweight title (up to 59 kg) the Ural boxer Evgeny Chuprakov, with a nickname "Happy Gilmore", won. Both fighters came out for this fight without a single defeat in their professional career. Opponents showed a bright and a very hard fight. The fight lasted all 12 rounds and the judges gave the victory to Chuprakov.

Bout №2. The fight for the vacant WBO Youth title (up to 59 kg): Shavkat Rakhimov, from Yekaterinburg (6-0, 4 KO) vs Jerry Castroverde, from Cebu (9-3, 5 KO).

In this fight in the 5th round Shavhat Rakhimov won the WBO Youth title in the weight category up to 59 kg.

Bout №3. The fight for the vacant WBO Asia Pacific Youth title (up to 57.2 kg): Mark Urvanov, from Pervouralsk (7-1, 4 KO) vs. Marvin Esquerdo, from Cagayan de Oro (7-1-1, 6 KO)

Boxer Mark Urvanov managed to win this fight and the WBO Asia Pacific Youth title. In the 6th round he knocked out the opponent.

Bout №5. The fight for the WBC Asian Boxing Council Silver title (up to 61.2 kg): Pavel Malikov from Lyubertsy (8-0, 2 KO) vs. Carlo Magali from Bohol (20-8-3, 10 KO).

The fight between Pavel Malikov and Carlo Magali ended in the 9th Round. The Russian won by technical knockout and got the title of WBC Asian Boxing Council Silver.

Bout №6. The fight for the WBC Asian Boxing Council Silver title (up to 59 kg): Mikhail Alekseev from Yekaterinburg (8-0, 3 KO) vs. Mirzhan Zhaksylykov from Almaty (10-1, 4 KO).

A promising boxer Mikhail Alekseev from Yekaterinburg achieved the 9th victory in his professional career. At this time in the 9thround by TKO he defeated the opponent from Kazakhstan Mirzhan Zhaksylykov.

Bout №7. The fight for the WBC Asian Boxing Council Silver title (up to 69.9 kg) Magomed Kurbanov from Yekaterinburg (8-0, 7 KO) vs. Dennis Laurent from Parañaque (50-7-5, 30 KO).

Ekaterinburg boxer Magomed "Black Lion" Kurbanov also won his bout in the 9th round. At this time he was stronger than his Philippino rival Dennis Laurent.

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