«A press conference before the show on November 18 took place in Yekaterinburg»

‘A press conference before the show on November 18 took place in Yekaterinburg’

A big international tournaments of boxing and MMA, organized by the promotion company ‘RCC Boxing Promotion’, will take place soon.

On November, 18 in Yekaterinburg the big international tournaments of boxing and MMA will be held by a promotion company ‘RCC Boxing Promotions’ (‘Titov Boxing Promotions’). The event will take place in DIVS ‘Uralochka’, the start is at 17:00 local time. Today the press conference was held with the participation of the organizers and protagonists of the upcoming event.

Below you can see the comments about the upcoming show of the organizers and participants:

German Titov, the General Director of “RCC Boxing Promotions’ (‘Titov Boxing Promotions’): ‘We would like to say special thanks to the founder of ‘Russian Copper Company’ Igor Alekseevich Altushkin and to the Gobernor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev, without them this show would not have happened. This is the third big show in Yekaterinburg this year, the first was in May with Jeff Monson, in July was the second where participated famous Sergey Kovalev and this Friday, November 18, will be the third. In December we will hold another big event where the bout of Aleksander Povetkin will take place. And in the next year we plan to organize the tournaments not only in Yekaterinburg, but also in Nizhny Tagil, Pervourals and other locations. The big shows will be held in February, May, June and December. We plan to organize 15-20 tournaments of major and middle size in Ural region and in Yekaterinburg.’

Alexey Titov, the Executive Director of ‘RCC Boxing Promotion’ (Titov Boxing Promotion): I would like to announce that two big brands have merged and we created RCC Boxing Promotions. We will hold the biggest tournaments in Ural region. We start a great work’.

Dmitry Mikhailenko, Russian boxer and the challenger of the vacant WBO Silver welterweight title: ‘I don’t want to talk a lot, because I did so before the last bout I lost. The preparation for the November, 18 was excellent, I would like to thank my coach Andrei Lepikhin, German and Alexey Titov, and also RCC Boxing Promotion. Come to the event on November 18, It will be exciting!’

Breidis Prescott, Columbian boxer and the challenger of the vacant WBO Silver welterweight title: ‘I am happy to be in Russia, we all are ready to make history, make a spectacular fight, I am very concentrated. Everybody knows that Dmitry is a strong fighter, but I am strong too!’

Antonio Silva, Brazilian MMA fighter: ‘Russia is very beautiful, but it is so cold here! I like that I have so many fans here, in 2011 I fought with the world legend Fedor Emelianenko and now I’m preparing for the fight with Ivan. After the fight with Emelianenko I took a pause in 2 weeks and then I started my training again. All the time since then I was preparing with the best fighters.’

Ivan Shtyrkov, Russian MMA fighter: ‘ I do not want to talk a lot, I want already to act! The preparation was awesome, thanks to Alexey and German Titov. This will be a great challenge not only for me, but also for Antonio Silva.

The emphasis was on striking technique, I did a lot of sparrings, for 2 weeks I was training in Kyrguzstan. I would like to say thanks to my coach Seregy Popov. There were changes in the training process because of the rival. On November 18 we will see how both of us were prepared for the fight. Antonio – is a boxer, but I am stronger, quicker and fitter. Apart from our fight there will be 9 bouts more, everybody is ready to fight, all are charged for it, this show will be really great’.

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