Madiyar Zhanuzak

1 KOs
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Born at 1995-05-04
Debut at 2017-07-07
Height 165cm
Stance Orthodox

Titles Held


Madiyar Zhanuzak came to box thanks to his father at the age of nine. At the Amateur level, he became the Champion of Kazakhstan in youth, twice won the championship of Kazakhstan in youth and entered the top three of the national championship in men. Moreover, he won international tournaments of Seric Konakbaev, Vysotsky and Aliev, participated the world boxing series and won the Cup of the Boxing Federation of Kazakhstan.

His debut took place on 7th July 2017. The first fight in the professional career Madiyar Zhanuzak held in Ekaterinburg and won a unanimous decision of Kurbonali Bobokalonov from Tajikistan.

Under one’s belt four wins, one draw in five fights. He takes 169th place in the global ranking of the lightest weight (up to 50.8 kg.). Madiyar Zhanuzak is the only representative of this weight category from Kazakhstan.

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